Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sally Beauty Supply

Sally Beauty Supply reached out to see if I would do a blog post. It's no secret that blogs work with brands to bring info about a product, brand or store. I tend to blog about only the things I love and skip several opportunities if I am just not in love with it. So when Sally Beauty Supply reached out, I knew I would do it! But what would I blog about? The products I buy when I go there? That there are over 2,700 stores nationwide? That whenever we move, one of the first things I do is figure out where the closest Sally Beauty Supply and Target are? How they special order the cotton balls we need for order packing? (yes, yes they do! All you have to do is ask!) Hmmm...

Then The 4th of July happened! It was pouring out, so all plans were dashed. I thought about taking my girls shopping, but then one of them suggested I give them a facial. An idea was born! Off we went to our local Sally Beauty Supply! I remembered someone mentioning that the Glam Glow mask I love has a counterpart for a fraction of the price and I could find it at Sally Beauty Supply.  I was hoping to find the Queen Helene mask and some other goodies to make it a true spa experience with my girls.

We grabbed some Queen Helene Natural Facial Scrub, Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask, Nourish My Eyes Refreshing & Soothing Eye Pads, Hydra-Oil and a BB Cream. I had plenty of Cleansers at the house, so we skipped that. 

I wanted to buy the Queen Helene Mud Mask to compare to the Glam Glow, but I was out voted by the girls. This huge tub of masque was $5! It had a real cooling effect and tightened the skin and I was quite satisfied with the results and love the price. The girls said it made them too cold. Um, perfect for a hot humid Summer day, if you ask me! 

Nakizzle found these really cool eye pads that look like cucumbers. These were perfect for a little relaxation. I used them again the other day when I woke up with puffy eyes. I think these were $7.

I started off by washing the girls face with a cleanser and my Clarsonic. I then used the facial scrub to gently cleanse their skin and clean their pores. I added the mask and eye pads and had them chill for a few minutes. After removing the mask, I used a few drops of Hydra Oil and lightly massaged it in to their face. It's really light and since none of us are acne prone, it is a great moisturizer alternative once every few weeks. We followed it up with some BB creme and we were good to go! 

Kizzle and Coco enjoying some pampering at home. They love when I give them facials and ask for them every time they see me break out face mask. I love having this time where we can bond together. We are all so busy, I'll take any quality time I can get. I wonder if this will be one of the things we talk about when they are older?

So yeah, Sally Beauty Supply as we know is a great place for our nail care needs, a quick color fix or a new blow dryer, but did you know it could be the source of quality family time too? They are now planning on joining me on my bi-weekly at home facials and that makes me one happy momma! (Maybe Kat can join us on our next one if she's not busy with work or school!) 

What's your favorite Sally Beauty Supply buy? Hopefully we inspired you to think outside the box of what you normally buy at Sally's and walk the aisles a little more.

Fun Fact: I always call it Sally's and it drives Juan batty! He always corrects me and says "It's Sally Beauty Supply, not Sally's!" Yeah and his name is not Juan either and it doesn't stop me from calling him that! LOL

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Inlinkz Post - Share your Cult Nails 4th of July Mani!

Have a 4th of July mani you did using Cult Nails Lacquers? Share it here so we can all check it out!

Here's my mani from last year. I used Time Traveler, Tempest, Evil Queen, Lethal and some glitter for this mani.