Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Welcome to R3 Daily!

Ever since I can remember I have been "obsessed" with nails. I remember as a child my mother having these long flawless nails. I would sit there and watch her painting her nails imagining the day I would have nails as long as hers. When she would trim her nails, I would immediately grab the trimmings and attach them to my little kid nails and pretend that they were my own. Somewhere along the way nail biting took over and the more I wanted to stop, the more I bit my nails. From there my quest for perfect nails came by way of acrylics, silk wraps, glue on nails, gel nails and more. but no matter what, that quest for those beautiful hands with long nails of my own was my ultimate goal. Today I prefer to keep them somewhat short and natural. But occasionally I do let them grow out to those long glorious talons of my dreams. But once I do, reality sets in (usually in the form of a break) and I realize my lifestyle does not work well with long nails. But at least I now know that I can achieve them!

What does any this have to do with a blog? Aren't there enough people out there talking about nails already? Why do we need another one? Well because I feel like I have a lot more to say than just nails or just any one topic for that matter. I am a Human Resource professional, a military wife, a mother of three amazing girls and just a wee bit obsessed with nails and fashion. All of these things combined will be what I share here with you. It may be about my profession, my life or my loves, but it will almost always end with the nail of the day.

I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing this. I have alot of exciting things planned for the future and you are all along for the ride.

So without further adieu, welcome to my blog: R3 Daily!

My nails when I keep them long. Here I am wearing Rescue Beauty Lounge in Stormy.

Here are my nails today. I am wearing Inglot 851.

Do you like the longer or shorter length better?


  1. Absolute great beginning. You have much to offer and can't wait to hear more. Good Luck

  2. I too can relate to your story about wanting long nails and nail biting. I am also a nail polish junkie.

    I love both lengths on you :) There really not whatcha called nubbins. lol!!!

    Where did you purchase your ingots?