Thursday, January 28, 2010

While Sitting, Must Be Able to Finger, Handle and Feel...

One of the fun jobs in Human Resources is getting to spend hours on end reviewing job descriptions each year. Regulations change, positions change, so job descriptions need to be reviewed to make sure they are current, relevant and compliant. Essentially you want to make sure that whoever you hire can do the job and justify it if you ever find yourself in court.

Anyhow, as I sat at my desk reviewing job descriptions this morning, I was reminded of one I came across once upon a time. I won't say when or where, to protect the not so innocent. This was a standard line used in an organizations job descriptions under the Physical Demands section: "While sitting, must be able to finger, handle and feel." WHAT?!? I am not joking! This was really in several job descriptions. Who would write that? What were they referring to? Was this a stab at all the crap we have to put in job descriptions today? Was it written by someone with a dirty mind and wicked sense of humor? Was it written by someone so innocent, they didn't see how this could be twisted by someone with a dirty mind and wicked sense of humor? Who knows, but as I sit here at my desk fingering my keyboard, handling my mouse and feeling... my still makes me chuckle thinking about the numerous people who received this in their job description as chose to say nothing.

For all the fingering, handling and feeling we do in our lives, sometimes doing it in the nude is the only way to go. So here are a few nude/nuetral shades that I love:

Rescue Beauty Lounge, Opaque Nude (2 coats)

Finger Paints, Tapestry in Taupe (3 coats)

Rescue Beauty Lounge, Plie (2 coats)

Essie, Body Language (I believe this was 3 coats)

Rescue Beauty Lounge, Grunge (1 coat)

And Finally Today's manicure: OPI, Dulce de Leche (2 coats)


  1. Here's to doing it in the nude! OMG...too funny! (Rescue Beauty in "Plie" is my favorite, btw.)

  2. So I just came across this blog, and I have to say I am already a big fan. I love the most recent post about your favorite nudes. I am a blonde with very fair skin and I love the way nude colors look... on everyone but me. They just make me look washed out. Do you have any suggestions for nude shades that look good on fair skin?