Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Have You Ever Swapped?

There is an entire online community of swappers. I have known about it for years, but very rarely have I partaken in the swapping activity.

For those of you that don't know, you can swap items you have and don't want for items you don't have and want! It's that simple.

Say you have a PC but want a Mac, well you can swap with someone who has a Mac but wants a PC. There are all kinds of things to swap, like clothes, furniture, vacations and even cars!

Today I saw a 66' Mustang up for swap online. The owner says he will swap for anything. Anything? Really? Can I swap my used running sneakers for the killer Mustang? I mean it can't really be anything can it? It makes me think that Mustang is stolen or good running condition means it starts.

I entered into the swapping world by swapping for nail polish. Are you surprised? It seems relatively safe and if I suffer a loss, it isn't that great. So far I have swapped for polishes I really want trading ones I have that didn't work on me or I had a duplicate to and someone else really wants. It's a win win situation. I always feel like I come out ahead, but I am sure the swapper on the other end feels the same way! After all they are getting rid of something they didn't want for something they really want too!

The other day I received these two polishes from a friendly swapper. And I am LOVING them!

Studio M in Purple Medallion & Massini in Slamming Red. (Same manufacturer)

Purple Medallion with flash to show all the fun glitter in this one.

Purple Medallion in natural sunlight.

Slamming Red with Flash.

Slamming Red in natural sunlight. This one was a bit thick a goopy. I think it needs to be thinned out a little.


  1. I have swapped once...did a partial swap and am still waiting for the swapper to send me something...though it wasn't a swap to start with until they said they were sending me something in return.
    Second swap went really well and was super fun! I sooo want both of these colors...I gotta get swappin!

  2. I have never done a swap but I have been toying with the idea since I have some polishes that I have tried but for one reason or nothing did not find a good home with me.

    Guess I should look into any rules of the road...lol