Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's Mardi Gras Today! (Edited to add more pictures)

Wahoo! Let the celebrations begin! Here is the Mardi Gras inspired manicure I did last night. Once the sun is out I will take some more pictures. But for now here is an indoor flash pic.

I used Illamsqua Baptiste for the base and then mixed Nubar Gilded Gold & China Glaze Emerald sparkle using a small paintbrush to smudge the colors together on each nail.


  1. Love it! Emerald Sparkle was just the right green too! Illamasqua...I think I gotta get me some.

  2. I LOVE the technique on this! I usually always sponge to blend my polishes, and I was thinking today for my next mani I'd try a sponge and this pretty much solidifies this thought. Those polishes are lovely!

  3. Oh, this looks so lovely! You make it sound so easy to do but I think it's a lot more difficult in reality for novices (like me). ;)