Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Blog Interview and some Opal Inspired Polishes

I was interviewed by a fellow blogger: Prim & Polished and it is featured on her blog today. Check out my interview here!

I had a great time doing the interview and hope you all enjoy reading it. If you are not already a follower of Prim & Polished, I suggest you check her blog out. Her blog is loaded with great pictures and details. It is one of my personal favorites.

Now we're going to skip straight to the fun. I bought a few Sally Hansen Opal polishes about a year ago. I love how I can layer them over other polishes for different effects. Here are three of my favorites.

Sally Hansen Fire Opal in Wildfire Opal layered over OPI Do You Lilac It? It adds a subtle shimmer to this purple polish. You can see a bit of the blue/gray shimmer in the sunlight. I love how it changes color and intensity in the sunlight.

For reference - OPI Do You Lilac It? on it's own.

Sally Hansen Fire Opal in Wildfire Opal layered over black polish. Here the blue/gray shimmer is really noticeable. It gives it a pretty cool effect.

Here is Sally Hansen Star Opal in Pale Pink Opal over OPI Japanese Rose Garden. Not much of an effect here. It just just seems to add a bit of shimmer.

For reference, here is OPI Japanese Rose Garden on it's own. It is one of my favorite polishes.

Here is Pale Pink Opal over black. It looks like the perfect black shimmer polish here. I was swatching a bunch of colors when I took this - I didn't realize how dry my skin was getting. Yuck! Forget the hands - pay attention to the nails - so cool looking, like a clear night sky.

Here is Sally Hansen Fire Opal in Amber Opal over Nubar Barbera. This seems to add a slight shimmer to the pink/red of Barbera.

For reference here is Nubar Barbera alone.

Here is where Amber Opal comes to life. This is over black. Look at the purple shimmer! It is one of my favorites. Again, just swatching here, so please excuse the messy clean up.

I love these Star and Fire Opals. The effects vary depending on the color you have underneath and your lighting. I have a few more of these that I will save for a later post.


  1. Thanks for the great interview! I had fun!

    I love the look of these Opal polishes layered, especially over the black. Gorgeous!

  2. Those opals are really nice for layering. I hope I find them at DT!

  3. wow, gorgeous layering experiments, love all combinations!

  4. Oh yes yes! I agree! That last one is super super gorgeous! :)