Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

OK - so I must be going a bit stir crazy from all the packing! We are taking the time to go through everything and figuring out which items will be tossed, donated or sold. The kids bedrooms took a lot longer than we expected since they have so much clothes. We are about finished with all the bedrooms and upstairs bathrooms. There are just a few odds and ends left. As for downstairs the kitchen and Laundry room remain as does some of the garage. I see the end. It is soooo close. I can't wait for it to be done and over with and we can be sitting in the new place enjoying ourselves! 

I did take a few hours to do some swatching this morning. I swatched all the Isadora polishes I got a few weeks ago and some Essence polishes I grabbed at Ulta recently. I still have alot of the LA Splash and Zoya's to swatch along with some other misc polishes. I think what I might do is switch around between the polishes showing a few of each randomly rather than the entire collection together. You guys will have to let me know if you like it this way.

Today I am going to show you 2 of the 5 Essence polishes I recently purchased. I have to say I was turned off when I saw the size of the bottles. They are so small. They are basically mini polishes. I usually am not a fan of mini polishes since in my experience, the coverage is terrible and so is the brush. 

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with these. The coverage was good with 2 coats and the brush did not feel like I was using a mini brush. 

However the two I am showing today I call the "Impossible to Photograph Accurately" set! I was getting so frustrated trying to get an accurate picture of these two. I took at least 20 pictures in different setting and lighting conditions trying to get it right. Natural sunlight, indirect vs direct, indoor lighting, with flash, without flash, in a lightbox etc... This is what took so much of my time this morning. That being said - these had to be my two favorite colors! 

This is Pool Party. This is pretty close to accurate but it is more teal in real life than the blue in this photo.

This photo capture a bit more of the teal than the other photo, but still it is a little more teal than this in real life. 

This one is the closest to the color you see while wearing the polish. But it still isn't 100%. But it is so pretty. The pictures make it look similar to OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui, but imagine that color, but a more vivid teal with amazing sparkle. That would be Pool Party.

This one is accurate to the color in the bottle. This one is called Break Through. I love this purple. Not quite neon, but not a dull lifeless purple either. It is bright and fun and something I see myself wearing over again. For 99 cents, I may go get a few back ups of this one.

It is such a rich shiny creme. so pretty. Not much more to say here.

What I don't get about the Essence polish is the slogan. "Color and Go - 1 second per nail". What does that mean? Does it mean it applies in 1 second? How can they know how long it takes me to apply a polish? So I assume they are trying to say that it takes just a mere second to dry! I find this hard to believe. 1 second? Really? come on! So of course I had to try. I put 1 thin coat on each nail and then only after I was done, I waited a second and tried to lightly tap the first nail I did. 

See my pinky finger? Not so much a 1 second dry! Nice big smudge! But look at the quality of just 1 coat!!! Not bad for 99 cents right? So even though it doesn't really dry in 1 second and even though the bottle is tiny - these polishes are so worth 99 cents! I think I may go buy a handful of these for one of my planned give-aways. I'll show you guys some more of these polishes in upcoming posts. I hope you all enjoyed today's pictures. Now back to packing.


  1. I definitely like the purple!!

    Good luck packing!!!

  2. I am so not a teal person but I really like the "This is a Pool Party" color!

    Would you mind telling me where you found these? I have been looking for this brand but have had no success. =(

  3. I picked up a few and break through is one of them. Very pretty on you :)

  4. Kaide, I grabbed these from a local Ulta store. I haven't seen them anywhere else. But I think it is an international brand.

  5. rmcandlelight - I love Break through. I have a thing for purples and this one I think has made it to my top 20 polishes!

  6. Kaide - I checked the Ulta website - and they sell them on their website for the .99 cents each there!

  7. I was thinking about buying the blue one! Looks pretty :) and the purple one too!

  8. Good to know - there is an Ulta not that far away & I have never seen the brand there. I will keep an eye out for it!!

    Thanks for the heads up!!

  9. Pool Party is gorgeous! Ha ha, I so know what you mean about having trouble getting an accurate colour with the photos. I had the same problem the other with my latest NOTD - the very green Koh Jewel - and it drove me absolutely mad!

    I never gave Essence a chance for the longest time but one day, I tried it and hey, they're pretty good actually! :D