Friday, February 19, 2010

The Weekend is Here! Ulta swatches Part I

The weekend is finally here! Yippee! Does anyone have any big plans? I know I have a lot of packing ahead of me this weekend. We have our move extended by one week, so that means we don't move until March 6th. Of course now I wish it was next weekend! I am so excited for the move - I am ready! Still not ready for packing, unpacking, cleaning and dealing with school drop offs while hubby is gone, but hey what can you do? Other than that, I plan on taking a break to go play some poker tomorrow night. Hmmm that means I need a really distracting polish so I have a shot of winning! I think that will be my only break from the packing madness this weekend. It seems like forever since I have gone out and the reality is it was just last Saturday that I was out. Crazy how some weeks seem to last forever, while others just fly right on by!

Well now that it is Friday - how about I get to some of these Ulta polishes? I bet you're dieing to see them right? There are a lot of pics, so I am going to break it down into two parts. Let's start with the Purples and Greens today.

The application on all these was fine, they all covered in two coats. Last weekend feels like so long ago, but if I remember correctly, I wish the brush on these could have been bigger. I wasn't able to apply even coats right away. I got the hang of it eventually, but I still wish these had better brushes. On to the swatches!

Ulta Devious - This one is pretty true to color. Love this purple!

Ulta Celebutante - Another great purple - also a true to color shot

Ulta Purple Reigns - Not exactly purple here, but it really is a cross between a magenta & purple color. There's some nice subtle shimmer in this one.

Ulta gets in on the Jade action with this one. This is called Jaded. It actually has a pink shimmer throughout this one. You see a little of that in this picture and along the side of the bottle.

Ulta Alter Ego. This is a pretty teal with silver shimmer running through it. OK - ignore the middle finger - that is the one with the nail repair on it. I was getting lazy during swatches and not taking care of it like I should have.

Ulta Envy - Love this green.

Ulta Green with Envy. You would think they would come up with a better name if they already have one called Envy, but whatever. This one is awesomeness in a bottle. It is a deep rich green with lovely shimmer.

Here is Green with Envy with flash so you can see all the sparkly goodness of this one!

Well off to have some pizza and wine and maybe a movie. I suppose the packing can wait until tomorrow. It's not going anywhere!

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