Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wow 74 Followers & Ulta Part II

I didn't have an opportunity to log on yesterday, with all the packing we did. I was pleasantly surprised to see I had 74 followers. That was so cool to wake up to! I think we should change the name to Virtual Friends, not followers, that seems so much nicer! Don't you think? I mean you are all getting to know me after all. And if you are here, we all have something in common and if you like listening to me, well heck - that's a friend isn't it? I wonder if I can change the title on that one? I'm going to have to look into that.

Anyway, my house now looks like all we have is furniture - nothing on the walls, not a single picture to be seen anywhere. Nothing on a shelf, no curtains - nothing! Very plain looking. But we got a lot done - so that is a great thing. Today I want to tackle the Master Bath and go through all my makeup and pack what I don't think I will need for two weeks. I don't think I'll seal that box up just in case. But other than that, I am hoping to have some time to go grab a coffee and a book and maybe spend some time on the beach. It's only 70 here, so I will be on the beach in jeans and a sweatshirt - but still it is just so nice to be there. The kids run around and play doing gymnastics. Me & hubby chillin' in the beach chairs. Ahhh like heaven for me.

And for those wondering how poker went last night, not to shabby. We played for change only and I won $4. Wahoo! HA! It was a nice night.

On to the rest of the Ulta polishes I bought last weekend. These are the pinks, a blue, a brown, reddish and metallics.

Here is Ulta Femme Fatale. I like this color, but I think this is more a winter color, so I don't think I'll be wearing this one for a while. Nothing stand out or special here to me. Just a pretty color.

This is Ulta Wicked. I have to admit - I love bright pinks! This one is just so pretty. Totally dupable though.

Ulta Material Girl. Another great pink. I love the sparkle in this one. There are blues and golds shimmering through this one. I don't think I have one quite like it. I see a pedicure with this one real soon!

Ulta Happy Hour. I don't know why they named this one Happy Hour, this doesn't say that to me. This is a nice work color, but not the kind of pink I would normally wear.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color. I think it is Ulta Twilight. The label was missing, so I had to go off the Ulta website. This is a metallic grey brown color. Metallic Taupe perhaps? No wonder why I love it - I love Taupes and metallics. Absolutely gorgeous! (Now I have to franken, imagine this mixed with metro chic? Oh my!)

Ulta Moody Blues. This is a nice vivid blue with a hint of purple undertones to it. This is pretty color accurate, but it was difficult to get a color accurate picture on this one. Like the purples that always photograph blue, this blue kept photographing purple! Go figure. But still a pretty blue.

Ulta Black Diamond. Love this color. It seems similar to an Inglot polish I have & love. I plan on doing a comparison on these two. Seems more Tiger Eye than black. but still beautiful!

Ulta Chocolate Kisses. I am loving this brown. It is shimmery and slightly metallic and just completely chocolatey. Yum!

That's all for today my virtual friends. I hope you enjoyed these swatches!


  1. i recently discovered ulta nail polish this past year and i'm obsessed. i love it. these colors are awesome :]

  2. I have never tried the Ulta "profesional" line of polishes but based on the taupe & brown colors I think I need to now!!

    So pretty thanks for sharing!!