Friday, February 26, 2010

Zoya Reverie & a Zoya Comp

Heading out for some Happy Hour fun before the mad packing finale takes place this weekend, so this will be a quick post.  I hope everyone had a good week and has a great weekend!

I just received my Zoya Reverie collection. Man I have a lot of swatching to catch up on. Here is a sneak peak of the collection, swatches will be coming soon.

L to R: Laney, Adina, Reece, Happi, Gwin, Lana

Recently I posted Isadora Galaxy and a comment from rijaH was posted that it was similar to Zoya Rea. I didn't think this when I saw Galaxy, so of course I had to do a comparison to see. In real life Rea is a shade or two darker with no silver sparkle going through it. But as you can see from the photos, that appears to be the only difference. They really are quite similar. Good call rijaH!

Here is a bottle comparison side by side. Look how small those Isadora bottles are! They are a bit pricey for their size - they are the same price as a Zoya polish.

Pinky & Middle are Zoya Rea & Ring & Index are Isadora Galaxy

In this picture you can see the silver shimmer in Galaxy vs. the purple shimmer in Rea. You can also see that the formula on the Zoya is a bit more streaky than the Isadora. I still love Rea though.  

Indoors Galaxy tends to take on a pink hue where Galaxy does not. You can see that here.

Another Give-Away Coming Soon!

I decided to stay with my original plan and having another give-away once I reach 100 followers. This one may not be as big as the 50 followers give-away, but it will still be good.  I have some great polishes set aside for the next give-away, so why not right? Look for more information on this one soon.


  1. How cool :D I had really no idea, just thought it looked so close :P Great post :)

  2. rijaH - You really know your colors! I was impressed! Thanks for mentioning it.

  3. The colours are very close indeed! Well spotted, rijaH! :)