Monday, March 22, 2010

Dazzle Dry Review

Not to long ago I was researching what makes a nail polish both vegan friendly and environmentally friendly. I try to be environmentally conscious, so it was just a matter of time before I started thinking of whether nail polish could be environmentally friendly. I know there are a lot of polish lines that are Vegan friendly, but I wanted more information. I contacted Dazzle Dry for some information.  They sent me some information on the company and some product for review.

According to the documents they sent me, their polish is not just 3 free, but also nitrocellulose free and an added UV protective screening. They claim their top coat drying time is 75% faster than their competitors. This I had to see. I can't imagine something faster than Seche Vite or Nubar Diamont. I couldn't wait to try this one out!

Dazzle Dry sent me This three piece nail system which retails for $28.00. 

Here is what you find inside the box. Nail Prep, which prepares your nail bed for perfect polish adhesion. As an added bonus, it strengthens your natural nails with calcium, vitamin B5 & hydrolyzed protein, The next item in the kit is the base coat. This is formulated specifically for natural nails so that your polish lasts longer. The last item in the kit is the Top Coat. Dazzle Dry claims that this top coat is non yellowing, will stay so shiny you will not need touch ups and will dry so fast that they dare you to dig into your purse 5 minutes after applying the polish. Really? You'll have to read below to see if it worked! (you know I had to try!)

Dazzle Dry also sent me three polishes from their new Spring line. These colors are all neutrals. These polishes retail for $9 per bottle.
From Left to Right: Misty Moon, Touch of Love & Fascination.

Now on to the manicures....

First up I tried Misty Moon. This is a white with just a touch of color. It looks like perhaps there is a little brown in it to give it that misty look. I have been looking for a white that won't look like white out on my fingers, I think I may have found it! I have to say I tried the Dazzle Dry polishes without the prep & base coat and because it dries so fast, application was a bit difficult. I then tried again with the whole system and it was much easier to apply. But even with the learning curve in using this polish, it was completely opaque in 2 coats. Another amazing thing I found was that this polish seemed to level itself out. It had almost a rubber look & texture to it.  These shots are pre-cleanup and without a top coat. I love, love, love Misty Moon. This is a white I think I can pull off! My kids love this white too, two of them have already grabbed this system and used this color with it.

Here it is with the top coat. Beautiful!

Next up was Touch of Love.  I have to admit, I am not a pale pink kind of person. They are always so sheer and take 3 or 4 coats to be opaque and well they just don't look good on me. So I wasn't really looking forward to trying this one. Well I have to say this one was totally opaque in two coats as well. The lighting is reflecting weird making it look a bit sheer in the second photo, but it really was completely opaque. But this color just isn't me. This is definitely for a pale princess.

Before removing this color I ran my hand pretty hard across my daughters shirt nail side down. (Hey I didn't want to risk ruining my own shirt!) It was about 3 minutes after putting on the top coat. These pictures are AFTER I did that! Of course I immediately grabbed my purse and rummaged through it and again these pictures are AFTER I did that. Dazzle Dry truly is the fastest drying top coat I have ever used in my life! This stuff in unbelievable!

The last one I tried was Fascination. This reminded me of RBL Grunge (my all time favorite polish). Side by side I would have to say they are really close. Fascination may have just a hint more pink in it. I will have to do a comparison on these soon. I saved this one for last since Grunge is my all time favorite, I figured I could wear this one for a week and see the results. Of course I loved this color, but how did it wear?

Well unfortunately I forgot to take pictures 5 days later when I changed my polish - but it wore perfectly. It looked like I had just applied it! 

Overall I love the Prep Kit and the polishes. What I didn't like was the polishes were not as easy to apply without the prep kit. I don't want to have to use a kit for my polish. However, even though the application was different without the kit, the end result was just as good. Dazzle Dry has a small color collection, but even though it is small it is varied. They have blue, green and brightly colored polishes. I thank Dazzle Dry for sending me these polishes and can't wait to buy some others I want to try. 

I really want to try the prep kit with non Dazzle Dry polishes. I would love to see if I can wear this top coat especially with other polishes! How great would that be? I will have to try that soon and let you all know.

*These products were provided to me by VB Cosmetics for review. This did not effect the outcome of my review. I will always be honest about my feelings about a product regardless of how I acquired it.


  1. I can't wait to see if the top coat works on other polishes! All i care about in a topcoat is drying speed! I change my nails every other day or so, so long wear is not important to me.

    I got my polishes in the mail last week! Thanks again!

  2. I find it interesting that:
    A: The line you are reviewing is not available yet on their website
    B: They didn't send you a trendy color...especially with Greens and blues making such a splash.

    Other than that, it seems pretty cool! I'm very impressed with the whole "shuffling in the purse and running your nails over a shirt" thing. :)

  3. Wow, sounds good!!
    I like the white mani very much, looks so pretty on you :)

    Weird btw I thought I already followed you...anyway now I am for sure ;)

  4. I think those polishes look great on you.
    Good to hear the topcoat is fast.

  5. Another great top coat! the polishes look great on you :) Can't wait to see how the top coat does with other brand polishes.

  6. Wearing the topcoat over RBL Bangin now and it worked with the RBL too! Yeah! I think I am definitly impressed with the topcoat more than the polishes. It dried my RBL in less than 5 minutes and it has such a high shine finish to it! But for $9 a bottle - I am going to try and use it only when I am in a hurry.

  7. Elizabeth - I emailed the company to see when they are going to have the new colors available. I will let you now when I hear back.

  8. Thanks for this Dazzle Dry review and for taking the time to try the products.

    Lisa (PR Dazzle Dry)