Saturday, March 20, 2010

Extra Post - Can I Franken A Dupe?

Alot of people over on MUA are looking for dupes for some of the most popular colors right now. RBL 360, Diddy Mow & MAC Blue India. So I figured since I have the three I would give it a whirl. Now you all know I am a huge RBL fan. The formula is the impeccable to me, so my opinion is you can do this until you can get your hands on the real deal. I am not a huge fan of MAC though. However after promising myself that I would never buy a MAC polish again, I broke down and bought this one. The color was just to amazing, I had to have it. But I was pleasantly surprised. The formula is not bad on this one. I may just give future MAC polishes a try now. Anyway here are my dupe attempts. none are 100%, but they are pretty close. If you have more patience than I do - you can probably do it.

RBL 360 Dupe

What I used:
I used a light grey I got at hot topic, a Lippman white, Ulta Wild Things(Navy blue with subtle shimmer), OPI Suzie Says Feng Shui & Orly Enchanted Forest. I used equal parts of each of these.

RBL 360 is on my middle finger in this one. It could be a bit more dusty - but it looked exact in person. (That is MAC Blue India on my pinkie)

Next up I tried to dupe MAC Blue India
I used the 360 dupe base I made and added a touch of black, a bit more navy and grey & got this.
This is pretty close. I think mine needs just a touch more grey to make it more dusty. The dupe attempt is on the left and MAC Blue India is on the right,

Lastly I tried to dupe RBL Diddy Mow. Again I used the dupe base for 360 and added China Glaze Solar Power (bright shimmery yellow) & the Claire's Jade green. Unfortunately I spilled a little too much Solar Power in there. It just started pouring out of the bottle and I was too lazy to start over. So mine is a bit too shimmery and a little off. I think with just a bit less of the Solar Power - I would have had this one. But I thought I would show you anyway.

Diddy Mow on the top - dupe attempt on the bottom. Look how shimmery my dupe is. Maybe if you have a creme yellow it would be better. 

So how do you think I did? Does it seem easy enough to get your hands on the colors needed to dupe these? If you try to dupe these, I would love to see your results. My daughter frankened me a polish while I was playing, I will have to show you that in a future post. I think you guys will die when you see what she came up with!


  1. Awesome dupe attempts! :) I don't think I can tell the difference between the 360 and the franken.

  2. I think I actually like the Diddy Mow dupe better than the real thing!

  3. I like the dupe better as well but you did an excellent job!