Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I was Tagged - 10 Things That Make Me Happy

I was tagged by Hannah over at Hannah Bananas ramblings
10 things that make me happy

These are in no particular order - just written as they come to me.

1. My daughters. They make me happy even when they make me mad.
2. My Husband, unless he's being an ass - so he makes me happy 99% of the time. :)
3. My Jeep. I have never had such fondness for a car before - but my Jeep makes me very happy!
4. The show Glee. It is on Hiatus right now, but will be back next month. I can't wait! I love watching them sing on that show.
5. My niece & nephew - who I have yet to meet! I have two brothers who have met the most amazing women in the last few years and were smart enough to settle down with them. My niece and nephew are still babies and I can't wait to meet them when I go home for my brother's wedding to one of these amazing woman this summer.
6. Shopping! I don't care if it is for me, the girls or the house - it all makes me happy. I love fashion almost as  much as I love doing nails.
7. The thought of starting a career in the nails industry. I toss this idea back and forth and wonder how I can combine my business knowledge and passion of doing nails. I am comtemplating going to school for nails so one day I can have my own germ free, quality, yet affordable salon. The thought of it makes me happy!
8. Which leads to # 8 - Doing my nails! I can have the worst day and just lose myself in doing my nails. It really can lift me out of a funk and make me happy. It's new and shiny and can either reflect my mood or the mood I want to have.
9. Good friends. I am picky when choosing those I let into the "inner circle" of my life, so having my good friends makes me happy. It is so great to know that there are such amazing people out there that listen to me talk about nails or clothes and even go shopping with me when the reality is it would be the last thing they would want to be doing, but they do it because they care for me. I would do anything for these girls in return. Too bad that because of the military, most of us no longer live close to each other.
10. This blog and my followers. I went back and forth regarding starting the blog. I kept worrying about what would my family think of me putting myself and passion for nails out there. Finally I stopped worrying about that (A psychic gave me the push - long story) and here I am. I have the most supportive followers and every day when I read your comments, it makes me so happy to know that there is someone who is reading all my ramblings and enjoys the hard work I am putting in to this. I hope my blog makes you all as happy as it makes me. (Or at least happy for a minute each day while you are reading it!)

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And what is a post without a NOTD photo? Today I'm wearing China Glaze Grape Pop. I have been seeing this one everywhere and I kept telling myself - I need this color. I was right! This is such a rich opaque but bright purple creme. It is awesome!

This picture is taken using a  natural sunlight lamp since the sun was not out.

This was taken using the flash so you could see the amazingness of this purple.


  1. :D Thanks for the tag!

    What kind of jeep do you have? I love jeeps. We used to have this pinkish orange jeep wrangler that was supposed to be my first car but then my stepdad decided he didn't want me to drive it and they sold it. Very sad but my aunt is the one who bought it and I guess it is finally dead now.

    And I actually want to go to school for nails too!!! I have just started trying to figure all that out since I graduate from high school soon. Thinking about that makes me happy too.

  2. <3333 Thanks for tagging me! I had so much fun making my list of ten! =] Btw, that Grape pop is so purrddddy on you!!!

  3. Oooh a tag! Thank you :D I shall do it later. I have more than 10 things so it's going to be hard narrowing it down!

  4. I was so, so sad when I tried this and it just didn't look right on me - I couldn't believe it! I must be the only one! And I LOVE my purples! :(