Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's Pneunomia & More...

For all of you following the last two weeks with my daughter being sick, I think we may finally know why my daughter has been so sick. After spending 4 hours at the doctor's today, it turns out she doesn't just have strep, but she has pneumonia and will most likely need to get her tonsils out! No wonder the poor kid has been doing nothing but sleeping. I decided after all this, I am just exhausted. I took the rest of today off and I am taking tomorrow off as well. I am not going to work from home, I am just going to take the day off! I never do that - but at this point, I think it is better for all of us. It really has been rather stressful. Hubby gets back tomorrow from CO - a day earlier than originally scheduled, so that is nice. I think I just may sleep the weekend away. 

Today's manicure is Spa Ritual Steel Magnolia. I think I am coming a little late to the Sparitual game. I just didn't want another expensive polish to love. But when they went on sale at Billionaire Babes website for dirt cheap, I broke down and bought some. I have seen this one on others, and fell in love with it, so I couldn't wait to try it on. I have to say I like it as much as I thought I would. It is almost like a dark purple with silver running through it. So like a "steel" magnolia.  This just might make it to my top 20 list!


  1. I really really like that color. And I hope your daughter starts feeling better soon!

  2. This look so great ! :D Hope your daughter feels better :)

  3. Something sounds a bit off. I have asthma and get pneumonia once every couple of years. It's a lung infection kind of dealy. Hopefully your daughter won't have to get her tonsils out until after the infection has cleared itself up. That could be horrific! Pneumonia is like breathing through a ziploc bag with water in it. :(!!!

  4. Skulda, Yes they want us to go back in a month for another chest x-ray. They won't take the tonsils out without the pneumonia being cleared up. They were worried that she may have asthma, but so far that looks good. We should learn more soon. After the new antibiotics today - you would never know this was a sick kid. She sounds stuffy and is still having a bit of a tough time with breathing due to strep, enlarged tonsils and pneumonia, but overall she is doing great now!

  5. hope your daughter gets well soon!
    poor girl :(
    good thing you took time to rest yourself, the one you are most likely to forget about :)

    love sparitual too, but don't have any yet...maybe a good thing right?

    take care!

  6. Sorry to hear about your daughter. Hope she gets well soon :)

    I also purchased steel magnolia its beautiful on you :)