Monday, March 15, 2010

My Mood is All Over the Place Today

We all know how everything tends to happen at once. that is my life right now! I have a million and one things going on at work and that is when Juan has to leave town for work. Which means limited extra hours by me at the office, which means more work to do from home. Add my normal mommy duties, a sick kid and another's who has a last minute schedule change and I am just plain old stressed out. I think I need a vacation in a major way! To add to my stress before going to bed last night, I was standing out back with the dogs and let out a great big yawn. When I did this I ended up locking my jaw. I have never had this happen before. It was so painful! As I looked up to the sky with a what else have you got for me look, I saw the most amazing shooting star I have ever seen in my life. So there I was in agony and awe all at the same time! I went to the Dentist today to find out that this is a common thing that happens to some people when they stress out. Really? Then I really need to learn to stress out less! 

So what else can I show you at a time like this - when my mood seems to be changing every five minutes? Well Claire's Mood Nail Polish of course! I grabbed four of the colors. The green color just did not appeal to me at all, so I didn't bother grabbing that one.  Let's see what mood these say I am in...

I accidently covered the sticker on this one. The blue you see in the bottle means Peaceful, the color you see on most of my nails means I am Confident. I tried to take two pics of each of these so you could see one while they were still a bit wet, while they were still changing colors.

In this picture you can see I am getting more confident by the second! I actually had to put a top coat on with these - they dried to a satin finish - not glossy at all. So these are somewhere between a matte polish and glossy polish. 

This is Funky vs. Fabulous. Apparently I was feeling Confident and Funky since I swatched these all at the same time! This one is without the topcoat while the polish is still drying. 

Here it is with a top coat after it was dry. Because these work off the heat, depending on the temp and how hot/cold you are, if you have any free edge, you will probably end up with this gradient look no matter which color you use. I kind of like it!

This one was my favorite of the bunch! This is Wild vs. Calm. I thought this one looked so cool while it was drying I was trying to get a picture of the change happening here. I think I am going to try a pink to purple gradient after seeing this one!

Here it is after it dried. See how my tips are still purple. If you run your hands under hot or cold water, it totally changes the colors of these polishes too. 

This next one is Innocent vs. Daring. Man I need some lotion on my hands in this picture. Swatching wreaks havoc on my skin! In this picture this looks almost like a taupe/grey. In reality it it totally grey. But it turns yellow if you are innocent like me. :) 

I really like the yellow color. I was tempted to leave this one on. My daughter was wearing this one and it was a much more muted yellow somewhere between the yellow and the grey. I guess that is the interesting thing about this polish. It doesn't matter what you see in the bottle, you have no idea what you are going to end up with. 

Here it is after it dried. You can see my tips still have a tinge of the grey in them. 

So let's see according to Claire's Mood polish I am Confident, Funky, Wild & Innocent. Who knew? 

Have you tried these yet? What kind of results did you get?

If you haven't entered yet - you have until 11:59PM EST tonight to enter. I will announce the winner some time tomorrow. Good luck everyone!


  1. Sorry you're feelin' the stress. Maybe have an epsom salts bath. :)

    The Claire's at my local mall only had three colours. :( I wanted the grey and the blue. I was only interested in the green out of the pinks. :P
    I grabbed a cotton candy one too! Smells like cotton candy!

  2. I have to run to the mall and check these out. I really like them! I think they have such a cool gradient effect. I love them!

  3. I've been dying to get these, but I can't find them here :(((((((((((((
    I want em.........

  4. I LOVE innocent/daring!! I havent been able to find these in the Claires stores in Toronto...but i keep looking everytime! one day :D

  5. Hope that everything will settle down for you soon :)

    I love all those polishes.. I wish I could get a hold of them :/