Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nail Space Help & More

Now that Juan is back from CO, it is time to get back to working on things in the home. I sectioned off a piece of our bedroom for my "nail station" and it really needs some help. I feel like I need one of those TV design shows to come show me how to create this space. I haven't put the curtains up in the bedroom yet, but I may be changing the bedding out, so until I find new bedding, I don't want to put the curtains up. But there is a big window in the bedroom which I would love to keep my desk near since it let's in the light and I don't have to get up to go outside for swatch pics, because so much sun comes in this window it is like I am outside. I also like the desk because I can have it up against the wall but turn it towards the TV when I want to swatch. 

Here is the nail area in all my swatching madness. Everything comes out. That box on the right is my untrieds, blog idea polishes or comparison polishes. Talk about a lot to get through! The big white square you see in the back in a natural light that mimics the sun, if I am swatching in the evening, then this is my sun. I also use this to get accurate color swatches. 

This is my nail storage area. I can't believe when I bought these I couldn't imagine needing more than two of these cubes! I used two drawers and the bottom was my supplies. Not anymore! All those polishes on top need a home!!! The ULTA bag has future give-away items and some packing materials. Wouldn't you like to see inside that bag!

Once I am done swatching it is time to put everything away. So this is the after - still an eyesore if you ask me!

So I am thinking of looking for a Lingerie chest in a dark brown color. (we might be refinishing our bedroom furniture with a dark stain soon, so this will match). Then I want to get a new desk. Any ideas? I need some help on this one. Do you have a nail area? What does yours look like?

Check out the manatee near my house!

I also wanted to share some crappy cell phone pictures of the manatees in the canal by my house. Our old place was right on the river. If you looked out the kids bedroom windows you could see the ocean, if you were in our bedroom you were on the river. We are still on the barrier island, but in a bigger expanse of land. We are less than 1/2 a mile from the river and the ocean now and we can't see it when we go outside. That is really the only downside to where we live now. Anyway a lot of homes in the area are built on canals. The manatees come to give birth in the canals because the water stays warmer during cold winter months and their newborns are more protected. Because this has been a colder than normal winter, there had to be at least 50 manatee there when I went on a walk with the girls the other day and I took these pictures. Look at them all!

Here is a close up of one. It is so cool to see this! They are huge, so it is so much more impressive in person.

Here is a close up of a manatee that came right up to us in the water last year. These mammals are not afraid of people. They are ugly yet cute. They can be between 10 - 15 feet long and over 1500 pounds, so it is a bit scary when you see this massive black shadow coming at you slowly in the water - but really they are harmless. 

OK - let's get back on the nail track with a manicure. Since the sun is shining bright, how about a bright polish for the day. Today's manicure is Essence Sundancer. This is almost the same yellow of a school bus - but I am loving it! It feels so bright and cheery! Things are definitely looking up!


  1. wow those were right outside your home! how neat!!!!!

    I love that pretty set of drawers you keep your polish in

  2. That is so cool that you can see manatees right outside your house!! & I would love to be able to see ocean from my house. Where I live it is all fields and barns and cows.

    Sorry but I'm not much help when it comes to ideas for a nail area. Mine is a bit of a mess. I love those drawers you have, I would love to have something like that!

  3. Hi! I SO need a white table like that, where did you find it?

    Very cool about the manatee's being right there also!

  4. MANATEE!!! How cool is THAT? I'm kinda jealous. :)

    I don't have a 'nail space' since I don't have enough space for a special place to do my nails and so I don't have any pointers for you. Love to see how other people have their special place though, so I'm looking forward to seeing how your's turns out! Check out Glammed-Up's special space here: http://glammed-up-ainos2.blogspot.com/2010/03/no-willpower.html

  5. omgoodness MANATEES! I'm REALLY jealous. I've never seen one before. =D Love the polish on you. It's a great color~!!!

  6. I love manatees! They are sooo cute :D

  7. Wow, Manatees from your home! awesome (and I don't even really know what Manatees are as we don't get them in NZ but cool all the same! lol)

    I like your storage drawers. I am going to be in the same predicament soon. Currently I use this vanity: http://hannahbananasramblings.blogspot.com/search/label/Vanity This is my room and I have dark wood stain furniture (but my vanity is a green go figure lol). Right now, my polish is in the cupboards/drawers on the vanity.... but I won't be able to contain it all soon. What to do.. It's a dilema huh! Goodluck! I'll be watching what you do with your space with vested interest :)

  8. Thanks for all the responses everyone. When I was a kid and we lived in Puerto Rico and I would see the signs on the beach to watch for manatee. All I knew was that they were mammals as large as whales and as friendly as dolphins and nicknamed sea cows. Always wanted to see one and never did. We move here and they are EVERYWHERE! We see the manatee and dolphins all the time. It is the coolest thing.

    Hannah love your bedroom. We are trying to re-do ours now. I have a few ideas so hopefully in a few months I will be able to post an update t this with a whole new bedroom! Fingers crossed!

  9. AH! i love manatees soooooo much. and yellow...this is my favorite post of the day :D

  10. OMG OMG Manatee Madness! Thanks for the pics :o)