Friday, March 19, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge Spring Collection - Surfs Up!

As most of you already know I am a huge fan of RBL polishes. It all started with a color we all love - Grunge. Since my first application of that color, I fell in love with the brand. At $18 a bottle, I only started with one color and thought that would be the only time I would spend that kind of money on a bottle of polish. 25 bottles later, plus the prep, base coat and top coat, I think we all know how wrong I was! 

When Ji put out the email on the new upcoming Spring Collection, I knew I had to have them! I can't say I was surprised when the pre-sale sold out. I was glad I didn't procrastinate and ordered when I did. Fortunately for those who missed out on the initial batch - there will be another one soon. 

My RBL's came in the mail today and I just could not wait to share them all with you.

First up is 360. This is a dusty blue color with a hint of green. This reminds me of the ocean after a rain storm. Living here by the ocean, it seems the surfers love this time for surfing, so perfect color. I think this is going to be the star of the bunch. This color is just amazing and as with most RBL's one coat is all you need.

Diddy Mow is up next. This is like a dusted olive color. I would also liken it to the green surf when the sand is getting all stirred up.

Look how different it can look depending on the lighting. Both are color accurate - this one seems to change depth depending on the lighting. Love this.

Last but not least Bangin. The only thing beachy that this reminds me of is my favorite red swimsuit. Other than that, this color I nicknamed strawberry. You see I just bought my daughter a small strawberry plant to garden outside this weekend and this is the exact color of one of the strawberries that is growing already. This is not just another red. There is a hint of orange in there, but not so orangey that I can't wear it like most other orange reds. This also has a bit of a dusty feel too it. I think I may have a new favorite red.

I think Rescue Beauty did an amazing job on this collection. There are only two things that I wish happened here. 1. That it included a 4th color that is a dusty purple and 2. That I didn't have such an impossible time capturing these colors accurately. It took 152 shots in various lighting situations getting these colors accurate for you. Taking a picture - loading it on the Mac comparing the color to the bottle. I think my camera kept trying to pick up the secondary colors in these polishes. I guess I should of given up sooner and used Juan's super nice Nikon. But usually my Canon Powershot is pretty good. I guess it was all about finding the right lighting. 


  1. Love these photographs--yes, sometimes it takes me foreeeeever to get the color 'just right' on certain tones. It's worth the effort--these are beautiful!

  2. They really are. I am so glad I was able to get these colors!

  3. ummm so i'm pretty sure your blog is my new favorite because your nails remind me of mine! hahaha :D but seriously these look great on you and you're AWESOME for getting all three! i could never go all out and get a whole collection from RBL, i'm too cheap :)