Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sneaking a Post - Shhhh!

A 5th Grade student in Pittsburg, CA brings pot laced cereal to school. I heard this on the news this morning and could not believe it! A 5th grader! What is worse is that the 5th grader was aware that the cereal was laced with pot and still brought it in and shared it with her friends. I teach my kids about the dangers of drugs and following the crowd, but as a mother of a 5th grader (and 6th grader & 8th grader), I don't know if what I have taught my kids has stuck at such a young age. We are talking 10 years old here! I personally do not condone drug use, but if this were a high school student, I wouldn't be surprised, but a 5th grader? This is just crazy!

But when I hear other parents tell me my kids are too young to learn about sex or drugs, a story like this clearly re-enforces my decision to have children who are aware of the real world. We try to be honest with our kids and answer all their questions honestly. I always remind them that what we teach them not all parents are willing to teach their kids. That there are some parents who prefer their kids not know what our kids know. I don't think this is wrong, I think each family has to decide what is best for their family, so I let my kids know it is not for them to go educate their friends. But truthfully I can't believe the stuff parents keep from their kids, because ours are so open, I hear alot of things most parents don't ever hear. I cherish the fact that my children are so open and honest with me and I hope it stays this way. Anyway - sorry to go off on a tangent there, but I just couldn't believe it when I heard it this morning. If you didn't catch the story on the news, here is a link to the story.

What do u think of all this?
Essence - What do u think?

I love this color. It is peachy, yet vivid; fun, yet work appropriate. I just love it. I also keep forgetting to mention, these swatches are all without a top coat. This polish is just that shiny. Amazing isn't it? This polish really does have the best bang for your buck. I hope to see more colors from this line in the future.

Anyway I am suppose to be cleaning the old place so I better go "Just in Case" Juan (Husband's nickname) walks in and sees me on the Mac.

Essence - Just in Case

Another great Essence color. Metallic Taupe/Beige goodness. Again fun yet work appropriate. Not so fun - VPL. (Visible Polish Lines) Ugh! I think I can reduce the look of these if I was doing a real manicure vs. just swatching though. 

OK now back to cleaning. Later!


  1. I agree with you that children need to be aware of the real world, sheltering them doesn't prepare them for what may happen when they are away from their parents. I love these Essence colors by the way, gorgeous!

  2. GET BACK TO WORK! lol. j/k
    I agree with open discussion as the children begin to ask questions.
    Thinking back on how it used to be done: "when you're old enough to understand" and such malarky...better to know what's going on around you than to be oblivious.
    Ignorance isn't bliss, it's just ignorance and it can kill you.

    *Cool! My captcha is something close to Barielle!

  3. Woo Hoo! I finally know what VPL means!
    And I am right with you on the drug/sex issue with children. I plan on being completely honest with my future children with topics such as these. It's serious business.

  4. I just love these polishes and I havent even tried them.. I have an urge to get em! :P

  5. Totally agree with you about children education (I have two sons, 4 and 2 :-))!
    I love first Essence!!

  6. That is just insane!!! People keep amazing me with their ability to do stupid things! However, this kid has obviously not been informed about drugs, and has probably not gone and bought it him/her self, so i blame the parents on this one! Shame!Telling kids the truth is always the best, even though it's scary or embarresing for the adult!

    The polishes looks great :D

  7. The place looks wonderful! Congrats on moving over and up =)