Friday, March 5, 2010

So Tired!!!

Wow - when will this all be done? I am so exhausted. I have a house full of boxes that I am trying to unpack all while getting a ton of stuff ready for a garage sale tomorrow morning, and of course figuring out the furniture situation. Ugh! I am trying to get as much done this weekend as possible since Juan leaves Monday morning for two weeks, which means it is just me & the kiddos handling everything else. I took two half days at work & today off but I go back to work on Monday. Crazy I know. I would have taken more time off, but my younger brother is getting married this summer, and I so we are going "home" for the wedding. There goes this years vacation! But so worth it! 

Anyway look at my nails after, packing, unpacking & cleaning for the last two days! This is the bad hand, the other hand didn't do this bad.
I broke my middle finger nail! Why is it always the middle finger for me? See how far down I broke it? I instantly wiped the polish off the nail and put a quick silk wrap on it. I didn't file it when I was done or anything. I will take care of my nails tomorrow night. 

Here's a closer look at the patched nail. You can actually see the patch is already cracking from the hard work I am doing.

Here is side view of the patched nail. You can see I didn't file it down or anything.

Now here is what my manicure looked like before all the work. All I really had time to do was a quick polish change in the middle of packing, so my cuticles are totally fried here. I can't wait until I can sit down and give myself a proper manicure.
This is Zoya Happi from the new Spring Reverie collection. This is in direct sunlight. This is a bubble gum pink with a nice flash.
Here you can see the flash. This is taken with the sun hitting the polish directly.

Here you can really see the flash in the polish. This one was taken using the camera's flash. I really like this in the collection so far. I can't wait to try some more of these polishes.


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  1. I am sorry that your nail broke, I hope it grows back soon!

  2. Aww poor nails. I bet working with all the cardboard is drying your skin out too. Give them a nice oilin' when you are done.

  3. RIP Nail! I know what you mean about having a particular nail that seems to be most likely to break. Mine is my thumb and ring on my left hand, or my thumb and middle on my right. Right now my nails are quite long and I'm suprised each and every one of them is the same lenght. Long may it continue!
    I hope you get some rest soon. It sucks packing.

  4. you will get another awesome manicure soon, I'm sure.. and garage sale??? that must be fun. since in my country garage sale is still a rare thing..