Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spam restrictions! WHAT?

I grew up with a mom who made me Spam sandwiches for lunch. Just writing this brings back memories and makes me want a Spam sandwich. The Spam to which I am referring is the canned meat that is supposedly Pork.  I don't eat most meats anymore, so I won't be having a Spam sandwich anytime soon. (I still eat seafood.) But the news was stating how in preparation for the Tsunami's that could have potentially hit Hawaii this last weekend, they had to put restrictions on the amount of certain products people could buy and Spam was one of them. They didn't list any other item specifically, like bottled water or bread or just canned food in general, just Spam. So now I am left here wondering, is Spam like the best thing in Hawaii? Does Hawaii have a Spam addiction problem? Is it a main staple there? Why Spam? I am so curious now! I just find it so odd that there would have to be a limit to the amount of Spam you are allowed to buy! If anyone knows the answer - please fill me in. I am so curious on this one!
Family of Products
OK so now on to some of the kind of Spam we all look forward to. Nail polish spam photos! WAHOOO!!!! Today I am just going to post some Randomosity for you all. My mind is all over the place right now - and so you can all join me in that with all the random photos.

This is Isadora Sapphire. SO pretty!

Here is another Essence polish. This one is Everybody's Been Talking About. 

Here I am trying to get all fancy with my picture taking. This is OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender. Corny or Cool? I want to try to do more unique photos in the future. What do you think?


  1. LOL @ Spam rant.
    I know Spam is popular in Hawaii, but I am shocked that they put restrictions on it. I know they have a dish called Spam Musibu, it is like suchi (sorta). I marinate sliced spam in some sauce, and then you pan fry it. You layer white sushi rice, and a slice of spam with some nori (seaweed)

    I know it sounds very weird, but it is actually quite delicious!

  2. I've had friends from Hawaii, so I know that Spam is very, very popular there. I don't know if it's the most popular thing, but I've heard it talked about a lot. More than what we eat it here on the mainland!
    Haha, I like the shot against your jeans - that's pretty clever! I don't think we see a lot of that kind of thing at all.

  3. I've never been to Hawaii but I had a friend in the Navy there and yup, Spam is kind of a big deal there. I have also seen on travel shows and food network, they love their spam, even in some restaurants. I never tried Spam myself.

    I like the jeans shot, not corny. I love Lucky Lavender. I almost got it today but I got Jade is the New Black instead.

  4. My Dad loves Spam. I don't think I've ever tried it. I actualy have a can of Spam when when the Monty Python play "Spamalot" was touring. I refuse to open it. :P

  5. Spam is huge in Hawaii! And if you've ever been to an L & L Hawaiian BBQ restaurants they even have saimin with spam (top ramen with spam) on the menu. I ate a lot of that when I was a kid over there. I still enjoy a bowl now and then with lots of shoyu. :)

    I don't know the history, but I'm guessing potted meat was easy to get long ago when ships were real slow?

    It keeps well in humid warm weather and no worries if you lose power. That may have something to do with it too.

  6. I wouldn't know about Spam, but I do love your last photo and nail polish you're wearing. =)

  7. Hmm maybe Spam is an island thing? My family is from Puerto Rico and my mom made Spam alot when I was a kid. I actually like(d) Spam. I guess I don't anymore since I have stopped eatting meat except seafood. So technically not a vegetarian. If I ever go to Hawaii I will have to eat meat just so I can try some of their Spam dishes.

  8. Oh & as for the last shot - I may just take a few more different style photos for future posts. But of course that will be after the move is complete.

  9. Lucky Lucky Lavender is such a sweet colour. You struck the pose! Very cool! :D