Monday, March 8, 2010

Ulta Mattes

So I ended up working from home most of the day today. As my luck would have it, the second my husband goes out of town, one of the kids gets sick. Isn't that always the way. I am very fortunate to have a job that I can do from home. At least for the most part. I don't know if I could do this every day. It is very quiet and lonely, but it is nice every once in a while. I feel like I can actually get more done from home than I can at the office. Go figure. It would be nice to work from home one or two days per week rather than when someone is sick. But it is what it is, I really can't complain.

Anyway I got some Ulta brand matte polishes a while back and haven't had an opportunity to show them yet. So I thought I would show you these tonight. They are pretty cool looking.

From Left to Right: Slate Silk, Violet Velour, Orchid Organza & Sparkling Suede. 

This is Slate Silk. As soon as I put this one on I didn't want to take it off. It looked so cool. It looks like slate to me. Since I love taupe polishes, I wasn't surprised that I loved this one.

Of course as I always do with matte polishes, I immediately had to add a top coat to it. LOVE! This reminded me of shiny diamond dust, but if you look really close in person there is actually some pink & blue shimmer hidden in there depending on how the sun hits it. I really didn't want to take this one off. But since I still have some work in the house, I didn't think this would last since mattes are notoriously chiptastic.

Next up was Violet Velour. I was surprised at how hard it was to take off Silk Slate. I can't wait to give these a real test, I think they might be sturdier than I think. Once I had this one on though, I though wow - this one is even better than the last one. I really liked this one too. So pretty. It is pink & purple & metallic and matte. Does it get much better?

Apparently it does. This is with a top coat. Love how it stays just as vibrant without changing the color. Just adds shine.

Oh the impossible to photograph blurples. This is Orchid Organza. I couldn't get out the light, since I had so much unpacking to do. Depending on the light this goes from being purple to a bluish purple.

Here you cab see the color a bit better, but still not 100% accurate. Here it looks more like OPI Ink Suede to me, in reality it is much more of a purple.

Once I put the top coat on this one, I didn't want to take this one off. Notice the trend here? I think Ulta did an amazing job with this collection. So far they are three for three in my book.

Ahhh Sparkling Suede. This is the one that made me buy this kit to begin with. It is like a grayed out silver. I had to have it! I loved it! I couldn't wait to try it on. Of course I made myself wait. I decided to go in order. Are you surprised that I didn't want to take this one off either?  

I didn't think I could like this one any better - but WHOA! This is awesome. It almost looks like a Corian counter top. But still it is just so cool. 

Overall I am surprised at how much I like this collection. I have seen this collection at Ulta for months before breaking down and buying it. Now I know I need to go get a back up. I haven't seen these in full size bottles, but if they had them, I certainly would buy all four in full size. I really was surprised at how much I like these. And here I thought I was crazy paying $7 for 4 Ulta mini polishes. Who knew?

What do you think of these Ulta Matte polishes? Have you tried them yet?


  1. Adorable. I'll have to look them up!

  2. Where do you get these? I really like these colors.