Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another Grey Rainy Day?

It has been hazy and grey since Sunday. Yesterday's feel trip was a cool 70 degrees. I felt so cold and it was 70! It is suppose to be cloudy and rainy until Thursday when we get back to our sunny 80. I love when the weather is nice. But to go with the grey weather, I figure I will take advantage and wear a grey polish.

I am wearing Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Grey by Grey. I have to say that the polish seems to be good, but with that brush - ugh! I wipe the polish off the brush and yet more seems to pour down the length of the brush and all over my nails. Then I would try to wipe the polish in the bottle really well and I wouldn't have enough to paint a full nail! I had to wipe it off three times, before I figured out how to work this formula. I am glad I didn't pay full price for these polishes! Once I was done though, it did look amazing. But I wasted so much polish to get this manicure! FRUSTRATING! Is it just me or did anyone else have a problem with the application on this one?

You can see that this is almost a cross between a blue and a grey. I would venture to say this is a dusty blue.



  1. I like that colour :D
    Looks great!!

  2. OMG!! Why is this color still in my untrieds? I don't need to wait for a rainy day I need to wear it soon - to show it in it's grandeur!! Great mani!!


  3. Oh man, I wish it was 70 here in Washington! That sounds so nice.
    I've never tried any of those polishes before so I don't know about the application but I like that color!

  4. I have trouble with those brushes too. It's too bad because I really like the formula and colors like this one! I actually bought an empty polish bottle into which to decant - just haven't done it yet. It bugs me that a nicely edged manicure with these brushes is very difficult and a pedicure is out of the question for me as my nails are too small. -JenB

  5. It really is a great color. I never considered decanting it. It seems like too much work. I am glad I got them on sale. I can't imagine paying $8 for these with this king of application. But it seems to be wearing really good with minimal tip wear - so formula wise I am impressed.