Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good Morning to You!

♫♪♪ Good morning, good morning, We've talked the whole night through. ♫♪♪

♫♪ Good morning, good morning, it's great to stay up late. ♪♪

♫♪♫ Good morning, good morning, good morning to you. ♫♪♪

♫♪♪ When the band began to play, the sun was shining bright, ♫♪

♪ ♫ Now the milkman's on his way, it's too late to say good night, so ♫ ♫

♫♪ good morning, good morning, good morning to you! ♫♪

Since I am still up and it is technically morning, and since I will probably still be sleeping when some of you are enjoying your Saturday morning coffee catching up on reading the blogs, while I am snoozing in bed, I figured I would post super early. So good morning to those of you who are up. I hope you enjoy today's nail of the day.

I am wearing Sonia Kashuk's Purple Rain with an accent finger of Smoke & Mirrors. I found these polishes at Target for about $5 each. It was pretty good with two coats. I love the colors, but nothing really original with either color. But the formula was good, and the colors are cool, so they might be worth grabbing if you catch them out there and you like them. I personally am a huge purple fan and love the silver, so I am so glad I grabbed these. I am loving the two together like this!

The first picture was taken using an artificial light that mimics the natural sunlight. This is pretty accurate to what you this looks like outside. The second picture is more color accurate if you are indoors most of the time. 

Here are close ups of the two
                                          Purple Rain                                              Smoke and Mirrors

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  1. so weird, the last two posts never made it to my reader! I'll have to get myself to Targe' and take a look at this line.