Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

Me holding the Earth in my hands - wearing Nubar Earth of course!

Each year around Earth Day, we reflect on our planet and what we can do to protect it. Some people feel it is just another day, some people live to protect our Earth all the time. Where do you stand? A few years ago I wanted to try to make some changes, I wanted to start recycling, use less paper towels and use re-usable shopping bags. I haven't quite gotten there. I am much better than before, I do recycle on and off (I know BAD!), I do use less paper towels than I used to and I almost always use re-usable shopping bags when I do groceries. This year, rather than trying to add something to the mix, I want to get better at these things. I want to increase my use of reusable towels and rags for cleaning, I want to recycle - ALL THE TIME and I want to not just use my shopping bags for groceries, but whenever I shop. I am going to work hard this year on this commitment. Am I perfect? No.  Do I think I will make good on my commitment however? Yes. I think I will be able to sit here next year and say that I was better than I was last year. It is a simple thing, it is nothing major, but it is my commitment to helping protect this Earth. Are you making any changes this year?

Inspired by Earth Day, today I am wearing Nubar Earth. This polish color is amazing. It is an almost teal green with blue shimmer throughout. It is not glitter, nor flakies and I would say it is a little more than a shimmer, there are actually blue particles floating in this polish, but they are so fine, the closest thing they resemble to me is shimmer. Trying to capture this on film was a challenge. You can see my earth photo above doesn't showcase it to well. Hey it is hard to hold the Earth in your hands and get a good nail picture at the same time! Who knew?

Nubar Earth is part of Nubar's Going Green collection. Do you have this color already? What do you think about it? This marks day 6 now that I have worn blue or green polish. I have actually been wearing them to work all week! Wow!

On a side note - today is not just Earth Day, but my 15th Wedding Aniversary! I don't know where the time went, I still feel like we are newlyweds even though we have three kids and two dogs and our life is always chaotic. But my husband is the most amazing man. He is insanely funny, wicked smart, the greatest dad and the kindest person I have ever met. He supports me in everything I do. Even when I was just talking about doing this blog, he pushed me and convinced me I would be great at it. I consider myself lucky to have found such an amazing man! We will be celebrating with a huge bash at our place this weekend. I can't wait! So if he is reading this today - I love you babe! Happy Anniversary!


  1. happy earth day!
    and happy anniversary too :D

  2. Awh, happy anniversary!!

    And I love that polish, it's very pretty!

  3. You are a very lucky woman! Happy Earth Day and Happy Anniversary!

    I couldn't help but sing *she's got the whole world in her hands...*

    Nancy (NanRx)

  4. Thanks girls! Nancy - My husband was singing that song when he made this for me. I almost titled my post that! Too funny!