Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Everyone

I wanted to do a quick Easter post for all of you. I recently got some Color Club and Butter London polishes. I decided to do my Easter mani as soon as I saw some of these colors together. 

First up is Color Club Magic Attraction. This one was so hard to photograph. This is a glitter polish and the flashes of color on this one are incredible. These pictures just don't do this glitter polish justice. It is incredibly sparkly in person.

Here I have Butter London Billy No Mates. This is a very pale grey. It is almost white with a hint of blue mixed in. I think this is a great color for me when I want to wear a white polish. I need a bit more color than stark white. I just can't quite pull off a plain white. I LOVE this color. As soon as I saw this, I knew it would be my next mani. But I did cut my nails before putting this on. So you may notice over the next few posts that my nail length isn't going to be very consistent. It will all depend on whether I swatched before or after the trim down. 


And now my final Easter weekend mani

I was really loving this mani. I didn't think I liked the accent nail, but I am really loving it. I have been doing it more often lately. Unfortunately my mani has been extra chippy this weekend. 3 nails have chipped. I think my top coat has had thinner put in it one too many times. If it was just one nail that chipped I would probably just fix that one nail, but with 3 chips, I assume others won't be too far behind, so I will have to paint my nails some time tonight. For now, I think maybe I can convince the family to hit the beach one more time this weekend. Let's see, since we spent yesterday at the beach. Hope you all enjoy your day as well.

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  1. What a great combo! Adding that Color Club stunner to my list of NEEDS for sure. Absolutely gorgeous!!