Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Her Beautiful Nails

She sits so focused
Determined to find the perfect color
The one that shows exactly how she feels
"Which one?" "Which one?" She thinks to herself
What is she doing? You might wonder
Not looking for a dress
And not looking for those perfect shoes
But that absolutely amazing color for her beautiful nails

My daughter wrote me this poem. How sweet is that? She is the best!

So which one did I choose? ULTA Chic Peek - at least for today anyway!


  1. Love the poem. Tell your daughter to keep doing what she's doing.

  2. Sweet poem...I can relate to it too!
    This color is really interesting and pretty, sort of reminds me of when a "suede" has top coat applied.

  3. How old is your daughter? That's a really good poem!

    Word verification for this was "skies". Aww.

  4. Elizabeth - this color reminds me of the same thing! Too funny!

    Anon & Rebecca - She writes a lot of poetry and she is amazing at it. I am amazed at her skills. I may have to feature some more of her work on here. She is only 14 and when I read some of the poems she writes I sometimes have to ask her if it is hers or someone else's. She has a great talent!

  5. it's a pretty polish to match the beautiful poem dear :)