Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm Back!

I am finally back home in FL with my family. I have received a lot of personal emails from followers asking how things are going, and I have to say the support has been tremendous and I appreciate everyone's prayers and concern. My dad is recovering and hopefully I will be able to post that he is back at 100% soon. In the meantime, I think he is definitely heading in the right direction and I am glad I went home to see him and my family. I'll be heading back to work today and I imagine my work and home life will be quite busy as I get caught up - but I wanted to give you all an update.

So now that I am back, I have one more Color Club Holo to show you. This is Color Club Fashion Addict. I really am liking the Color Club Holos! I think this is going to start a new holo additction for me!

And lastly, I received an email that someone tried to leave a comment and I went in and took a look, and changed some things around and tried to leave a comment myself and it worked. So since it has been so quiet around here in the last few days and since I am back and have a pretty stacked give-away bag - I am going to do a tiny give-away. I will post what I will be sending later - but here are the rules:

Leave a comment with one positive thing in it. It can be something great that has happened to you recently, something you are happy about, something you are looking forward to, your favorite quote or even something you like about my blog. It doesn't matter - just leave a positive comment sometime before Sunday at 11:59PM EST and I will pick a winner to send at least 3 surprise polishes to. It is that easy. No need to tweet or blog about it (although you can if you want for extra entries - but you still have to leave the positive comment). Just wanting to hear some cheer and spread some cheer.


  1. Glad to hear that your dad is doing better!! My positive comment- my three year old daughter came in last night and read to me! Granted, she mostly just memorized the book from the millions of times I read it to her,but it is a step in the right direction!! I am thrilled that she is starting to recognize words and put the sounds together!

  2. Hello! For some reason all of your posts just showed up today. I'm glad that your dad is recovering!

    I love your giveaway, I need to be more positive. Today my best friend is coming home from France! She's been gone for 10 days and I can't wait to see her. I'm going with another friend to pick her up from the airport today, I'm very excited.

    And I kind of talk a lot about my favorite band, Great Big Sea, but whenever I feel blaaaah I listen to them and they cheer me up so I wanted to post a bit of lyrics from one of my favorite songs :D

    "And I say way-hey-hey, it's just an ordinary day
    And it's all your state of mind
    At the end of the day,
    You've just got to say it's alright."

  3. The weather here is absolutely gorgeous today! Clear, cool, it! It's supposed to be like this tomorrow too, so that's perfect for the Cherry Blossom Parade my daughter has to dance in.

    There's my positive thought for the day. :)

  4. Great news about your dad! Something I am happy about is that it is finally warm outside! I will be spending all day outside tomorrow gardening :)

  5. Yay for your dad! And glad to have you back!

    My positive thought for the day is really more of a thank you. I have been having a really really rough time emotionally for past week. That plus lack of sleep makes me pretty antisocial.

    What has kept me sane is stalking nb, occasionally replying to others, and keeping up with the blogs i follow thru google reader on my phone.

    just by doing this, i get alot of the interaction i am missing IRL! seriously, i have met some really great people via the nb whom i consider friends.

    i may not say it much, but YOU are one of them! so my positive thought today is to say THANK YOU! you cheered me up!

  6. Glad to read that your dad is doing better! =)
    Your posts came all at the same time today :S

    I want to leave you a quote from Grey's Anatomy that I really like: "Sometimes it's better to stay in the dark... because in the dark there may be fear, but there's also hope" I love it!

    Don't know if your mini giveaway is open internationally... if it isn't, just delete my comment ;)

    I tweeted:

    Welcome back =D

  7. Amberski - It is so amazing to watch your child learn and grow! I remember when mine were first learning to read! How exciting!

    Tierny - I'm going to have to check out Great Big Sea. Hope you have fun with your friends tonight!

    Smoochiefrog & throughthehaze - Enjoy the weather! I love it when it is nice out too!

    jbrobeck - I know how you feel - nbers are the best! Thank you for the kind comments, they made my day!

    Ana Rita - I love Grey's Anatomy - great quote! Of course this is open to my international nail gals!

  8. Hiya!
    I love the fact that I can log on to my little Mac and access all these gorgeous photos, find all this interesting information and cyber-meet new people in this community and learn to be a more knowledgeable consumer.
    So thanks to all bloggers who cheer my day and a big vote of affirmation also to BB Couture. I have nothing to do with them except buying their stuff from Kim at Overall Beauty and loving it. I always like to spread the word because they are a small business that supports women making beauty products locally (well, local to California) and they are a very ethical company.
    I had a lovely Easter email from them and they give you great service.
    I'm a Brit and I support them 100%. I think they're great! So that's a positive message from the UK.

  9. jaljen - great comment! I still have not tried BB Couture! I still need to order some of these. Maybe I will go check them out now! Thanks!

  10. peripatetic33
    peripatetic33 at hot mail dot com
    I am so happy it is time to plant things and watch them grow. Yesterday we put in two baby grapes, repotted the key lime tree and fertilized it, repotted the baby cypress trees that are bursting with new green, planted some ferns in the shade and soon we will fertilize the tangerine tree which should mean lots of lovely tangerines to share and give away in December.

  11. As of last week i am finally off antidepressants =)

    It took a few years but I think i'll be okay now

  12. What a lovely idea!

    My positive comment would be that because I am a swimming coach, I am very very proud of my young swimmers. Yesterday was a swimming competition, and my swimmers did absolutely their best, and broke their own records and won medals :) And everybody are just great to each other, and nobody from our group isn't left alone :)

    My e-mail, if you need to contact me is


  13. Neat!
    I love that the sun is shinning after a long winter.
    I love your blog and how fun you are too,

  14. Something that I'm happy about is that there are only 63 day's until school is over for me. I'm currently a Junior in high school. So after these hard 63 days I will finally become a Senior and then graduate to go off to college. I can't wait for that experience of living off on my own, even though I love my family to death. It seems like at home I'm never supporting myself, my family has been there holding me up till now. I really want to know what it feels like living on my own, and supporting my own self :]

  15. I blogged about your giveaway on my blog. Go check it out :]

  16. I'm excited that I had my baby girl just last month! She has changed my life a whole lot in many great ways!

    <33 Rena

  17. I was in a deep dark hole for a while, but someone hit my reset button and suddenly the world is a whole new place again. I'm real happy about that.
    My health issues are soon to be resolved which means I can get back to exercising and getting/staying in shape.
    But what I am happiest about right now is watching my 21 year old son spread his wings. He moved to Seattle a couple of months ago and, while he's struggling a bit, I see that I gave him all the tools he needs to make it and he keeps reaching for them and using them. I made mistakes raising him, but seeing him use the tools I gave him tells me that I did a good job anyway, because that's really what parenting is about - raising people who can take care of themselves and be successful by their own definition.

  18. Peripatetic33 - I wish I had your green thumb! I have some herbs I planted which I love using when I cook - I wish I could add more to it. Fresh fruits are the best!

    Shortnails - Congrats! It isn't always easy - but you are doing great and taking it one day at a time and that is what counts! I will keep you in my thoughts to keep getting stronger each day!

    Hozuli - That is great to hear about your swim team! I wish I was a stronger swimmer - I can about manage the doggy paddle! 2 of my daughters however are amazing - the other one unfortunately has my swimming skills. But we still have fun in the water.

    Susies1955 - I am loving that the sun has returned too. Even here in FL we had a "cold" winter. Glad to have that over with! Thanks for the blog comment. I appreciate all my followers. I have the best ones!

    Yun Yun - I remember being a Junior in HS. Give it time - you will find your passion. Just enjoy the ride. I remember my junior year - feels like forever ago now. It took me another 10 years after HS to figure out what I wanted to do and I am still working on it. You are leaps and bounds ahead of most!

    Rena - Congratulations! How exciting for you and your family! I have 3 daughters and I can't believe how fast they grow!

    Elizabeth - Glad to see you back posting comments and that you are feeling better. I missed you. We need to exercise together virtually. I need to get my butt in shape! I dread the day one of my babies leaves me - but you are right - you have to trust that you gave him the tools and support he needed while you had him. I am sure he will be fine!

  19. I'm really happy with spring weather. We went to Longwood Gardens today with few friends (just beautiful there) and then had wonderful dinner at our home. I love to cook for my friends. Also I got 3 new Nfu Oh polishes yesterday and very happy with them. Specially because it was sale.

  20. I am moving to a new city tonight. Many things to look forward to! I'll keep in touch with old friends, but am excited to make new ones =)

    It's the beginning to a new life =)

  21. MetroChic - Sounds like the perfect weekend! I love spending time with friends especially if I can combine nice weather and a good meal.

    Rhea- Congratulations on the move! With Juan being in the military we have moved every 4 years. I always miss the friends I made along the way - but I love the opportunity of discovering new places. I hope the moves goes great for you! Good luck!