Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In Style Goes Global

Yesterday I featured a portion of an In Style Magazine readers poll. This poll actually continued with the most popular colors in some other parts of the world.
I figured since I was going to feature the colors from the U.S. poll, I would feature these as well. Here is my take on these color favorites.

Poland's most popular color is Red - so here is another one of my favorite reds. Rescue Beauty Lounge Killa Red. The formula is amazing and this color is a true vivid red. 

For Greece I am showing you Essie Sole Mate. I had a bit of trouble finding this color in my stash. Would you believe this is the closest color I have to a burgundy? I used to wear dark colors like this all the time. It was my go to color. I wore this color so much, that now when I see colors like this at the store I am just not interested. I thought I have a million of those at home. Well I must have got rid of most of them in my last purge, because this is the only one I have left! 

Turkey loves powder pinks. This is Color Club She's so Great. This is the perfect pink to me. A little bit powder pink or what I would call bubble gum pink . This is the perfect pink if you ask me!

Thailand loves Magenta! So do I. This is OPI Miami Beet. I can't believe I have used as much of this color as I have. This is my favorite pedicure color. I love magentas and hot pinks on my toes. It looks great on my hands too!

Russia loves greens. I was surprised by this one. I don't know why, I guess it is just based on what my image of a Russian woman. I picture someone with classic beauty, bundled in fur with great long red nails. I guess that just goes to show what happens when you base your judgements on your perceptions. But they obviously have great taste! I love green polish too! Here is Illamsqua Rampage. I had to stalk the Sephora stores for months before I finally was able to get this color. They had the tester, so I was able to try it out, but that tester just sat there for months, just mocking me. I was so happy when I was finally able to get my hands on this one! This is the perfect green.

So what is your favorite polish color?


  1. Great post. I love Miami Beet and Rampage but that doesn't make me a Russian Thai or vice versa. I'm as English as it gets.
    My fave polish? Changes every minute.

    Of the ones I have I'll say Butter London Rosie Lee - one of my daughters is called Rosemary and it's a unique colour. Dull pinky bronzy fine glitter. And it's rhyming slang for tea - I drink so much tea.

  2. Great post, purdy colors!
    I have no favorites, I love most colors in nail polish. I have yet to find a mushroom or taupe I like though.

  3. This was really kind of interesting. I love how Russia's most popular nail polish color is green yet OPI failed to include any greens in their Russian collection!

  4. Jaljen - I think I am like you & Elizabeth Lacquered Lizard. I am always changing which polish colors I love. But I do have certain polishes that I consider favorites of that color family if that makes sense. I think I am always posting colors I LOVE on here, I have a few photos of colors I swatched and just hated - maybe I should do a post on those? HA!

    Alli - You are so right! I didn't even think of that!