Monday, April 12, 2010

In Style Inspiration

When it is time to relax in the tub with a glass of wine - sometimes I reach for a good magazine instead of a book. After a long day at work and a busy household, I just don't have the stamina to read a book. When I read, I like to sit back and engross myself in the book and get lost in the story. When I just need a quick relaxation, a good magazine is all I need. When I saw the April In Style Magazine with Gwen Stefani on the cover, I had to snatch it up. I loved this issue so much I decided to go online and get a subscription. You will not believe what I found when I went on their website.
With your subscription to In Style Magazine, you get a free OPI nail polish! For some a red nail polish wouldn't be enough to go get a subscription, but it was definitely an added bonus since I was already going to go subscribe. 

When I looked through this magazine there were several snippets about nail polish. I was quite surprised. I usually read magazines like this for the fashion and sometimes even the articles. I hardly ever see anything with nail polish being featured. Once in a while I may see a color featured here or there, but nothing like what I saw in this magazine. Here was my copy after I was through with it.
Completely tattered and tagged. I have so many ideas for gearing up for my summer fashion. Now I just need to hit the stores! 

But of course since my first love is nails, I thought I would bring some of the nail snippets to life in my blog. One of the articles featured a readers poll with various questions including preferred nail polish color.

Here are the results in the U.S.
46% of woman in the U.S. who responded to the survey said pink is their preferred nail polish color! And not just pink, but pale pink! Seriously? I was really surprised by this one! But since it is the most popular - here is a pink polish for you all.
This is Essie Flawless. This is about as pale as I get. I just don't look good in true pale pink colors. But this one is soft and looks good on most everyone. I can wear this one and not feel too bland. 

31% of those who responded to this poll said they prefer Bright Red polish. OK so most of you may not like red, but as you know I am a huge red fan, so this one didn't surprise me too much - but it certainly isn't my preferred polish color. 
This is OPI Red. This is my all time favorite red polish. It is the perfect shade of red for me. It has blue tones which works great with my olive skin tone.

Lastly 23% of those who responded to this poll said whatever is trendy. Well that could be a lot of colors. There are so many that are considered trendy. But since they show a creamy teal in their article, I am putting up a repost of a recent favorite that I added to my collection.

Rescue Beauty Lounge 360. This color may be one that is considered trendy right now, but I think this one is going to be around for a while. both pre-sales of this color and the other 2 in the surf collection sold out in a matter of days! This is the perfect dusty teal. Another winner from RBL!

Since I have several blog readers who are from around the world, look for a part II to this post where I feature some of the colors that are favorites around the world according to In Style readers. I hope you all enjoyed this post.

(I was not paid in any way for this post. I purchased In Style on my own and wanted to share it all with you. I just want you all to know that this is me and my personal opinion here, in case there was any question.)


  1. I love all of them. Great idea for a post and I'm looking forward to the next one. I'm a Brit so I hope British women have opted for something more funky but I'll have to wait and see.
    That OPI Red isn't seen enough. Any dupes for 360, please?

  2. I think this RBL might be my first. It's prettier than the promo pictures. Fun post. :)

    btw, I tagged you.

  3. Jaljen - My new mission is to find dupes for 360. I think there is a close one out there - I wonder if I will look like a nut bringing my 360 with me while I shop for a dupe? HA!

    Elizabeth - It really is a pretty color. I think I can get away with this at work. Well anything goes at my work, but I try to keep my own standards and not show the tats or wear wild colors while at work. But this is almost calming. I love it!