Sunday, April 11, 2010

Is the weekend almost over already?

Where did the weekend go? I can't believe it is already Sunday! Since I was visiting my dad this week, my work got a bit back logged as did some things at the house. I worked a few hours yesterday and plan on doing a few more hours from home today. We also cleaned out and organized our garage yesterday, now I have a ton of things to post on Craigslist. We also managed to do a little shopping after the major garage cleaning and I grabbed a few things for the house and a really cute pair of flats. I never wear flats, but these are just adorable, so for the price I decided to grab them. I cant believe how much I crammed in yesterday - let's see if I can do the same today! Wish me luck!

I meant to post this picture yesterday, but I forgot. Friday the kids had a small festival at their school and they had a lot of those jumpy inflatable slides and games. My daughter decided to kick off her sneakers and ran off. I did not alter the sneakers at all - this is how she kicked them off.  Maybe it's cause I'm her mom - but I love this picture!

For my Nail of the Day I have Essence VIP Appeal. This is a pinky coral color - perfect for Spring. 


Hope you all have a great Sunday!

If you haven't entered the mini weekend give-away - click here to enter! I am loving hearing about everyone's positive/happy things. I will try to get back on here a bit later to post the 3 polishes for the give-away.


  1. Pretty polish!! And your daughter's shoes are awesome, I love them!

  2. You daughter's shoes tell a story all within themselves!! Looks like she literally walked right out them!!

    Why dont I have any essence np? I must be nuts - this color is gorgeous on you!! Very springy.

  3. You've been awarded a sunshine award!!

    Your nails are great!!

  4. I know - I love the shoes too! Apaige2u - You need to get some Essence polish! This polish is smooth and opaque in 2 coats for most colors. The brush is great - you would never know these are minis and for 99 cents - you can get a lot of color for your money! Thanks for the award- I feel honored!

  5. I used to never wear flats. Always at least a wedge (I'm 5.2ft) but since I had kids I find I just can't do the heel/wedge thing as long anymore. I do wear them when going out, but for everyday I am addicted to cute flats! Did you take a pic of what you got? LOVE your daughters shoes too btw.

  6. Hannah - I didn't take a pic of my shoes - but I will - they are so cute - I wore them today for work. Because I work, I still wear heels everyday. I did wear my cute flats today though. I am 5.2 as well, whenever I wear flats I get the "I never knew you were so small - you are so cute!" comments. Ugh! But I wore them anyway, I will take a picture and post them for you.