Monday, April 19, 2010

Who Wants to go on Field Trip?

I'm heading on a field trip with my 5th grade daughter this morning. We are heading to St Augustine, FL. It is about 2 1/2 hours away and is one of my favorite places to go in FL. (So far anyway - I still have a lot of places I want to see.) It is one of the oldest cities in the U.S. If you ever find yourself in FL and want to do something outside of the typical Disney, Universal, Sea World theme parks, head to St Augustine! 
This picture is kind of dark, but I love this one too. This is right outside the Castillo de San Marcos as well. My daughter took this one of me and my husband. (Wow I remember thinking then, that I just wanted to cut all that hair off. Now that it is shoulder length, I can't wait to have that hair back! Why do we always want what we can't have?)

St Augustine is loaded with quaint ( & even haunted) bed & breakfasts. It is a small town, with a lot of charm. As a family we love to go there. It is a great weekend get-away. Visiting tomorrow as part of a field trip should prove to be interesting. I am not one that likes to follow schedules that other people create. I find that field trips are often very haphazardly organized and while they can be interesting and sometimes even fun, they can prove to be exhausting!
Sign outside of the Fountain of Youth because all the cool pics show my kids in them.

We'll be heading to the Fountain of Youth, which I think had to be the least fun thing we did when we went to St Augustine the first time. Even if you are a huge history buff, this place was just OK when we went there. But we are also heading to the Castillo de San Marcos, which we only walked outside of the few times we have been to St Augustine. I am really looking forward to this part of the field trip.
Castillo de San Marco, St Augustine, FL

This is a long walkway looking thing outside the Castillo De San Marcos. My girls think it is a fashion runway. I love this photo - since you can't see their faces really, I had to share this one of my daughters on the "catwalk"! Can't wait to find out what it really is tomorrow!

After we have lunch and tour the Castillo, we are going to have a little time to shop on St George Street. I will only be in charge of two other kids besides my own, so this shouldn't be too bad. Then again we will only have about an hour of shopping, so let's see how these kids do. 
St George Street, St Augustine, FL

So as I head out the door with my darling little daughter and about a gallon of coffee, I am excited for the day ahead. It's going to be a long day as I have to leave the house no later than 6AM and probably won't be getting home until sometime between 7-8PM tonight, but I am sure it will be a wonderful day as well. Certainly not the typical Monday! 

Of course I had to do a special manicure for my trip to St Augustine. I did this manicure last night, but I was tired, so I decided since it was a sheer polish I would just layer it over my existing RBL 360 manicure that I have bee sporting since Saturday evening. Here I have OPI Blue Moon Lagoon layered over 360. This is a sheer holographic polish. Hey if I am hanging out outside all day - I definitely need some holo action! And yes this is now day three of a funky color! WAHOO! Granted I took the pictures pre clean up and in bad lighting, but you get the idea. So no judging on the messy application. But this polish is to die for! Loving it! It is definitely going to be a great day! 


  1. It looks like a good day out! And a fantastic mani to go with it as well. Hope you had fun :)

  2. We hada blast! My daughter had a great time with her friends and on the fieldtrip. The day went by way too fast!

  3. I feel just like a fifth grader again reading this post *skips around the room* Gawgeous husband - beautiful children's heads and that mani - BAM! In your face fantastic!!