Friday, April 2, 2010

Will today be the day I meet my daughters boyfriend?

I hope I don't jinx it for her. If you all remember I posted not to long ago about my daughter going on her first date. Well the date never happened. They broke up before the big day. Well she bounced back pretty well since she soon met another young chap and they have been boyfriend/girlfriend for several weeks now. He is suppose to be coming to the house today. Let's hope that my mentioning this on my blog is not the kiss of death for this budding romance. I can't wait to meet this boy. So in honor of meeting her young beau, I will wear a wicked cool manicure. (HA! - my manicures are always wicked cool - who am I kidding?)

Today's manicure is Ginger & Liz Tough Luxe. I am waiting for my Diamond Cosmetics order to see if this is the same as Never So Evergreen. Let's see. But it still is a great color. It is a bit hard core - not quite black with a subtle hint of green hidden in there.

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