Sunday, May 2, 2010

And the Winners of the two Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish Surf Collections are...

So the beach was great, now I am back home with the laundry and reality and all you really want to know is who won? who won? So I will not delay. Well, actually I will. I wanted to show you all my all time favorite RBL polish. It is my go to, my first polish ever to actually get a back up of. The one, the only - GRUNGE!!!I absolutely love this color. It is my go to polish whenever I don't know what to wear. I almost always have this color as my pedicure color. I have actually been wearing it for the last week straight. and will probably redo it with the same color. This one looks good on everyone in my opinion. 

I absolutely love this color. It is my go to polish whenever I don't know what to wear. I almost always have this color as my pedicure color. I have actually been wearing it for the last week straight as my pedicure and will probably redo it with the same color. 

I also wanted to showcase some of the colors my friend let me try on her perfectly pale hands that I forgot to post during Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish week. Here are the ones I forgot to post for those of you who are pale princesses as well.

Under the Stars                                                                                       Recycle

Film Noir

Dead Calm

Alright - well enough with the delays. Now let's get to the winners of the two surf collections. 

The first number picked was 109, which was jbrobeck. She doesn't have a blog listed so I assume she is a follower, not a blogger. If I am incorrect and you have a blog - let me know and I will post it.

What she had to say about RBL polishes: "I really really really want to see MORE pics of SCRANGIE! I am so excited it is being re-released! But would about a new blogger shade, designed by my newest FAVORITE, joria2006!!!"
Wow jbrobeck - what a great comment. So sweet! Congratulations on winning one of the two surf collections! I will be sending you an email shortly for your mailing info to forward to Ji.
The next number selected was 34 which was Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard. I have to say I was so happy when I discovered who number 34 was! She has been a follower from the start and a frequent commenter on my blog. A true supporter and it was nice to see that she won! She also has a great blog herself, if you don't follow her blog address is:
Here is what she had to sat about RBL polishes: "Ok, I don't own any RBLs, the sale happened when I was broke and now I'm just waiting for the next sale or for Scrangie, whichever happens first! From the regular line, I keep looking at "Bruised" so if you have it, I'd love to see it!"
Well Elizabeth - I have posted Bruised, hopefully you saw it. And now you will be the proud owner of three RBL nail polishes! YAY! Congratulations! I will be sending you an email as well.
Thank you to everyone who entered and for all the new followers. I hope you are enjoying my blog and stay following. I enjoy doing this blog and look forward to growing it in the future. If you have any suggestions or there is anything you would like to see, please let me know.
Until tomorrow. I hope everyone has a great Sunday Evening.


  1. i am so excited! and i am blogless!

  2. Thanks for this really cool series of posts, I've really enjoyed reading them. Congrats to the winners!

    Wow, thank you Maria, I am so grateful to get my first RBLs and I love the new colors so much! I'm sure this will be the beginning of a love affair with Rescue Beauty Lounge. Your comments about my win touched me, I had no idea, I just found you and loved your blog. :)
    OH man, email on the way, I can't WAIT!!!

  4. Congratulations to the winners! And thank you for posting all the lovely RBLs!!!

  5. Oh yay! Congratulations ladies! :D I like their notes!
    And I always see such great swatches of Grunge, it seems to suit everyone. Very pretty!

  6. Congrats to the lucky ladies ;D

  7. You know, this is very weird, but somehow I knew( had a feeling) that Elizabeth was gonna win this, I dunno why that had come in my mind, but it had. & when I read this, I'm feeling creeped out, lol. But congratulations to jbrobeck & Elizabeth!

  8. Yes congrats to the winners! Rhea - that is kind of creepy! I should have called you and asked for random numbers ha!

    I found some pretty cool blogs while verifying this contest too - I think I am going to do a post listing the new to me blogs - some of these distracted me from verifying the entries, so it took me longer than expected. oops!

  9. Congrats jbrobeck and Elizabeth! Enjoy the colors!

  10. Damn Elizabeth you're always winning!