Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another Fashion/Nail Post

I was trying to figure out what I wanted to share with you all today and decided I would do another fashion post. Although this one  is a pretty simple outfit. My cousin had a surprise birthday party last week, which of course meant everyone got to get a new dress for the occasion. I was looking for a light summer dress and in the end picked something that I could not just wear this once, but could also wear to work. I selected a Calvin Klein dress I found at Ross for $50. It is a black high collar linen dress with buttons down the front and a tie around the waist. But for my height, it was just a little too long.
Here is the dress after I bought it. Hey it was a long day at work - ignore the hair and face. But you can see it's just is a bit too long for my body. When trying on dresses though I always have to keep in mind that some brands like Calvin Klein make their dresses for someone who is 5' 7". So I knew I was going to need to take it up some. I debated on how much I should take it up, but I decided just grazing the top of my knee would be the best option for me.
This is the after photo. Hair and makeup are now done. This is the new length. I think this is a much better length for me.

I added my accessories for the evening, which I forgot to get a closeup of when I was wearing them, so here is a close up of the accessories I took for you guys. 
I took this picture on my Daughter's (read: Husband's) drums. No surprise here, I got all the accessories at Charlotte Russe. Or at least I think that is where I bought the earrings. I bought them all at different times, but I think they work well together. They usually have their earrings and bracelets 2 for $8 and the necklace was maybe $10. Sorry I don't remember.
I so wanted to sit in the golf cart and act like I was driving away for this photo. But I didn't have the nerve. By the way the shoes are Jessica Simpson peep toe patent leather pumps in nude. I got these at Dillard's for $80. The most expensive thing I am wearing. I love these heels! By the way - it was so hot that night! I can't believe how shiny my face was when I look at these pictures. They didn't have the AC turned on in the place until after we took the pictures. 

There was only one manicure I could think of for this dress and it was Chanel Kaleidoscope. Actually I picked this because I wasn't sure if I was going to go with silver and red accessories and red heels or the accessories and heels I wore, and this can lean taupe/gold or silver, so it was the perfect neutral for the undecided. (I still had on OPI On Collins Ave on my toes for anyone wondering.)
Well that is all for today. Hope you enjoyed this post. Have a great weekend!


  1. Looking good! I love the dress, very versatile.

  2. Cute dress, I like how your shoes and nails match :]

  3. i like the hem, and the shoes are TDF!