Monday, May 31, 2010

BlogLovin' Anyone?

I signed up for BlogLovin' recently. I have to say I like it better than google reader - I still have to check to see if there is an app for it - I am hoping so. But hey anyone who has an iphone, do you have a blog reader app that you would recommend?

Anyway - If you want to follow me on BlogLovin' you can follow the link on the upper right of my page. I also added other options right below that to make it easier for you all. So what is your favorite reader?

I took some pretty great polish pics Saturday and I am planning on trying a funky design today - so I hope to have some great stuff for you all soon. But my camera battery is dead and charging and my husband is sitting beside me with his camera out. That is his hint that he wants my Mac. See - we went to Gatorland in FL yesterday and we have a ton of pictures of that too. I'll post a few of those here for you all to enjoy too (but probably not until tomorrow). 

In the meantime, I have China Glaze FYI for you. At first I thought this color was just OK, but it grew on me. I am a nude fan and I love holographic polish too. This is a cross of the two. It is a subtle holographic slightly nude color. I would wear this when I need to be neutral, but want some fun at the same time. 

Here it is inside in front of the window with the light behind me. There is no holographic effect inside - totally acceptable for a more conservative office if you ask me.

And here it is in direct sunlight.



  1. I agree,it's a great work polish. You can keep the holo secret to yourself :D

  2. Oooh. Yours is the first swatch I've seen that made me fall in love with it. Now it's gonna be a huge lemming for me, SO pretty the way you showcased it!
    Congratulations on your new domain, by the way!

  3. OMG I love this. Why do I not have it? *growls*