Wednesday, May 5, 2010

China Glaze Saves the Day

I had such a rough day at work yesterday. I always have to manage a few tasks at one time and the busier I am, the more I thrive. But when I am not feeling well, I just end up a cranky mess. I worked my butt off all while wishing I was home because my throat hurts. How much of a baby can I be? I mean really! It is just a tiny sore throat and maybe a little earache. Waah! But for whatever reason as the day progressed I just found myself a bit more edgy. I calmed down talking to a good friend on the way home and then as I pull in the garage, there is my husband and kids getting in his car looking at me like I did something wrong! WTF? Well Ok I arrived home an hour later than normal and didn't call. Um I was busy!!!! But whatevs, all I kept thinking was that I would get home and lay down because I was tired and feeling crappy and hey - I went car shopping the night before - don't I deserve to relax to try to feel better? Apparently not because we were going out for dinner. UGH! But we did go to an amazing Cuban restaurant, so you would think I would be less cranky right? No I kept feeling it bubbling under the surface waiting to come out. So on the way home I figure we can stop at CVS just to see if they had the new metallic Milani's. Maybe that would make me feel better? Retail therapy! Well they had them and no it didn't make me feel better. (Did I mention I broke a nail today too?) But then I got home and remembered in the last few weeks China Glaze sent me a few polishes from their open stock for review or give-away. HELLO!!! Why haven't I tried these yet? Well I swatched them last night. 

I have to say that the colors they sent are all colors I actually have passed on. Nothing about them made me want to get them. But when I swatched them, I found that I really liked them all. Go figure! Today I am going to show two of them and I am going to save my favorite for tomorrow. 

The first one is Poetic. This is a fine metallic light pink/copper color polish. It is a really pretty and subtle color, but it leaves polish lines, so I was a bit bummed by that. But not enough that I wouldn't wear it anyway. Oh and ignore the bad cuticles - I told you I was feeling crappy and cranky! WAH!

This kind of reminds me of the new Orly metallics, except that this is a thin polish, this is not a thick metallic at all. It took two coats, which is exactly what I expect from China Glaze and applied smoothly and shiny. This is without topcoat. You can see in the polish close up it is pretty thin micro glitter. 

China Glaze also sent me a few small bottles of Matte Magic. I already had a bottle, so I automatically moved the two they sent me to my give-away bin. But I figure if they sent me Matte Magic with polish, maybe they want me to try it over the colors they sent me? So here Poetic with Matte Magic layered over the top.
WOW! This looks awesome! It just about gets rid of the polish lines and it looks really cool! I really like the effect here. It looks more like the metallic polishes that are in style now, but a bit more matte. This is a pretty cool manicure if you ask me.

So next I decided to try the Code Orange that China Glaze sent me. I just have to say up front that I would never in a million years have bought this polish. It is orange and has a subtle pink shimmer running through it. I looked at it in the bottle and in my head already imagined how meh this one was going to look. I couldn't have been more wrong! I had trouble capturing the color on this one so that you could see the pink shimmer. In person it is visible, but for some reason on the photos, I just couldn't get it to come out. It isn't a bright orange like it looks in the bottle either. this is a perfect summer color or even pedicure color. 
This first photo is pretty color accurate. The next one shows the shimmer in this one.
Of course since the Matte Magic was just sitting there, I had to put a coat of it over the Code Orange.
Not to shabby! It is another great option for this polish. It gets rid of all the pink shimmer, but it still looks great. Funny - when I get a matte polish I can't wait to see how it looks shiny, but here I am mattifying my shiny polish and liking the effect just as much! Wait until you see tomorrow's nail! I was LOVING that one so much - I had to make it my manicure. 



  1. Code Orange does look way different from the bottle pix I have seen. A lot better but maybe not good enough to actually buy.

  2. I like Poetic, but Code orange is a no-no for me too:) and I also love matte magic, it does its job perfectly!

  3. Loved both of these on you!! I am so waiting for this collection to come out - I just hope I can get it from my sally's before they sell out. Thanks for the pics!!

  4. Poetic looks so good mattified!
    Also lucky you! I've been searching for those Milanis and no luck yet.

  5. I hate crappy days. I stayed late at work today as well...ugh. Hopefully tomorrow will be a nicer day for you!

    I really like both of these colours! Especially the 2nd one mattified.

  6. Poetic does look awesome mattified doesn't it!