Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Myfirstbike.org helps families obtain adaptive bikes for kids who have special needs. We all remember what it was like to ride our bike for the first time. For me it was a nerve racking mess and I am not a bike fanatic to this day. I don't know why - but it just isn't something I enjoy. I guess I wasn't like most normal kids. My kids however love riding their bikes. They are on them almost everyday. So when a dear friend posted her plea for help to get her daughter a bike on myfirstbike.org, I knew instantly that I needed to post about it on her.

Click here for my friends story.

I ask that everyone take a few seconds of their day to read her story. Whether you donate a prayer, or  a dollar or more, is up to you. If you have a Facebook, help spread the word of this organization and my friends story. These special bikes are not cheap. Whether you donate or not, I want to bring awareness to this amazing organization and spread the word. I want my friend to be able to get a bike for her daughter.  If I can spend $25 for one bottle of nail polish, I can certainly make a donation to help a child get a bike. If you can't afford a donation, you can afford helping spread the word - that is free or a prayer - that is also free. So I just ask that you check it out and do what you can or feel is right for you. No judgements, no expectations. Thanks for listening.

Now for the nails. After that I am ashamed of the upcoming post - but here it is.

OK - I broke down and bought Chanel Illusion D'or. I saw so many amazing photos of this polish and I didn't want to regret not getting it. So I succumbed to my fellow nail fanatics peer pressure and bought the polish. I have to say when I opened the box, I was unimpressed. I was actually quite upset with myself for shelling out the money for this polish. I decided to try it out over my existing manicure which is the OPI In Style Red. I think it looks OK. Now some of the pictures I have seen make this look amazing, so I may try it over a few more colors to see how I feel. Here it is over my existing manicure. What do you think? Are you a fan of Chanel Illusion D'or or not?



  1. im not a big fan. it does not look like it is worth the price :/
    but thats my 2 cents :X

  2. It hasn't grabbed me yet, still hasn't. Hope you're enjoying it though!
    You are sweet to post about your friend's daughter. I didn't even know that condition existed! Hope she'll be ok.

  3. Not a fan. Sorry. It could be any old thing that cost threepence ha'penny. Like the OPI though.

  4. I wouldn't buy it. It does look good over darker colors,that show off the blue flecks more...maybe try other combos?

  5. I am going to have to try it over some darker colors and see what happens.

  6. I am totally with you on this one -- I liked it enough in pictures and didn't want to regret not getting it (like w/ Jade). However, I was really disappointed when it arrived. I guess this will be a good one to swap some day. It does look pretty layered over blues and greens for a mermaid effect though.