Thursday, May 13, 2010


Each month I attend one to two networking and educational HR meetings. I belong to our two local HR chapters and it is a great way to keep on top of what is going on in HR as well as an opportunity to network with fellow colleagues. I love the opportunities these meetings present. I love to learn and it's such a great way to keep me up to date on what is happening in HR. However, I struggle with the networking side. Which I don't understand. I am an open person, I have no problem talking or introducing myself to people. I am great when I am in my element, so I can't understand when the label of "networking" is attached to something do I clam up? At a former company that I worked for, the CEO told me get at least 3 business cards when you go network. This has stuck with me and I try to do just that when attending these meetings, however here is my issue. All these individuals seem to know each other for years. I tried to volunteer on a committee, I gave my name and number and even followed up and they never returned my call or responded. In the meeting they discussed how they desperately needed volunteers, so why was I passed up? They sit and talk to one another and keep their tables full. I feel like an outsider looking in. Granted I have made a great friend at the meetings and met a few others, but I still feel like I am lagging in this area. So if you have any advice on how you break the ice and get to know more people when you are in these situations or similar ones I would love to hear it. This could apply to anyone joining a club at school where they don't know anyone, going to college for the first time, stay at home moms joining mom and me groups, I mean there are a million places we are put in these situations, so I would love advice from anyone who has some ideas. What do you do?

Today I am going to show you a manicure I swatched the other day. It is from the Wet n' Wild Craze collection. The collection I saw in the store had several vibrant cremes and matching sheer sparkles. I am assuming for layering. Or maybe that is just what I planned. I grabbed a few and I will show two of them today. I have to say I am not a fan of the stubby short brush on here. It made application difficult. The polish quality seems fine, just the brush length. Oh well for the price - who can complain right?
Look at the short stem of this brush - the cap totally interferes with this. Poor design, even thought the bottle is cute.

This is Copa. It is a rich vibrant orange creme. If it weren't for the bottle I would say this was great. It applied wonderfully with the exception of the brush and I achieved full coverage in 2 coats.
I then layered one coat of Cozumel over the top. It muted the orange quite a bit and gave it a nice glittery sheen. I see these as more of a pedicure color than anything else, but with that bottle, I will probably just give these to my daughters.


  1. LOL that brush is ridiculous...made me laugh though.

    I'm horrible at talking to people. I'm shy so I have no suggestions.

  2. I made the same comment when I tried these- what the hell is with the brush!? I will never pick up another one of these because of it and it ruins a perfectly good polish.

  3. I don't get the brush either, They work really well for sponging! :)
    As for the networking thing. I have the SAME problem. Especially when attending an event where everyone seems to know everyone. So I think I'll try this:
    Walk up to people and introduce myself with my name and company I work for and see where the conversation goes. Keep an eye out for one of the "ring leaders" you know, the ones who know everyone...and spend some time getting to know them then asking them to introduce you to a few people they think I might learn from or has been looking for someone with my area of interest/expertise to discuss things with.
    This last one should work well because ring leaders are often motivated by being liked and doing good things so they get to show how well liked they are and do a good thing in connecting people.
    Good luck to both of us!
    p.s. hr is part of my job duties too.

  4. I love the colour!! Bugger about that ridiculous brush!!! That's insane!

  5. i don't really like orange but it looks great with the cozumel! sorry about the networking thing, it's a hard thing to really get into. i would say don't stress about it too much and just be more natural. good luck.