Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh CND - You Stole My Heart

I had a few of the old CND polishes which were fine, but nothing I would call special, then I decided I wanted to give these new CND's a try. Let me just say - I couldn't believe how great this polish is now! It was a little on the thick side, but not so much that it wasn't workable or to really affect my opinion on the polish. It covered in one coat and after I did all ten nails and took some pictures - the polish dried. The polish is affordable too - which makes it even a bigger success in my opinion! I can't tell you how much I am loving CND polishes now! I wish I tried the new ones sooner! I am already plotting my next order!

I tried CND Eclectic Purple

Look at this purple! It's great! Did I mention this is one coat? Did I mention how fast it dries? Did I mention this is with OUT a top coat? Oh CND - what do I need to do to get the rest of the colors? I can't wait to see how this polish wears. 

We all know I am a layering freak when it comes to polish - so I am sure you're not surprised that I am going to tell you, that I layered over this! After all, if I am going to order some CND polishes, I very well couldn't forgo the Effects polishes.

I layered CND Raspberry Sparkle over the Eclectic Purple. I could not capture the amazingness of this color on camera. It looks like this - only in person it also gives off amazing pink/purple shimmer as well. Regardless of the lighting I tried - I couldn't get it to pick up this shimmer. 

I haven't seen these featured on a lot of blogs - so I am wondering - have you tried these? If not what the heck are you waiting for? :) 

By the way I bought a few more with these, so you will be seeing those posts coming up in the near future. 


  1. Love it.
    I have a couple of those but haven't used them yet. I guess I better soon.

  2. Lovely. Too lovely all on its own to need sparkle. CND isn't cheap in the UK and I don't have any.... *sobs*

  3. Oooh, I love it!!
    I don't have any of these but they sound awesome.

  4. Great coverage. I'm glad you put an effects on top...nail polish, to me, is about protecting the nail (while making them pretty) so they can grow. So I can't do just one coat, I have to do at least two plus base and top coats.
    This is a truly beautiful purple creme. So shiny!

  5. I just got this on Monday and put it on today... yup the perfect one coater! Amazing. wow!

    I am going to wear it alone today then top it with amethyst sparkle tomorrow!

  6. I actually tried my first new CND polishes a while back and I love them sooo much! I just kinda wish they came out with seasonal collections like they used to - because the formula is fantastic!

    I guess the reason why I haven't bought as much as I should is because they're perm - so I can buy them anytime I want. The LE's always get me!

  7. It really is a great polish. I am still wearing it today and am not looking forward to taking it off tonight. For those who have it, you definitely have to try it! Gine - I can't wait to see your pics! Elizabeth - you are right it is amazing on it's own. I plan on wearing it alone on my toes this weekend. Can you imagine this on a pedicure! I bet it will be amazing!

  8. The purple is so soothing to look at and I totally love the layering that you did. It looks awesome! :)