Monday, May 3, 2010

Quick Post for Today

Normally I like to post first thing in the morning, but I haven't been feeling well this weekend and slept in this morning and barely made it to work on time, much less time for blogging. Now I walk in the door and it is time to suck something down fast so I can go with Juan car shopping. No I am not getting rid of my Jeep, but he is considering trading in his house on wheels (Nissan Armada) for something a bit more practical. Let's see what happens. 

Anyway I received my OPI from In Style magazine in In Style Red and thought I would post that. I have some thoughts on the whole OPI drama going on, but because I am short on time, I am going to refrain on my perspective for now. But as you can gather from this post, since I am posting an OPI polish, I have not decided to turn my back on them yet. My take is this, if retailers are selling the product illegally, then shame on them and shame on me for buying from them. It would be the same as me buying a fake anything and taking money out of the original and true owners mouth. No one starts a business to not be successful. I believe that if I was a business owner I would have to consider the type of clientele I want and set my prices according to what I believe it is worth to me and my customers. So I can't fault them for wanting their brand to sell at a certain price point, even if I wish it were cheaper. OK I said I wasn't going to give my opinion and now I gave some of it as Juan is walking out of the house and willing me to go with him. He is anxious to get to the car shopping portion of the day. 

So here is my post of the OPI In Style Red. 


Ok I am being rushed out the door so I will try to pick some better pictures when I get home tonight. Sorry for the delay in today's post and for the crappy pictures. Blame it on Juan! Blame him for any spelling and grammatical errors too! Later everyone! 

Update* Updated my pictures to better photos. Juan ended up going with the 2010 VW Passat. Very nice ride. I have to say I am a bit jealous - it only needs an oil change every 10,000 miles and the first 3 yrs of maintenance is included in the purchase of the car. Less money on gas and insurance. Man I love my Jeep - but he is getting a great deal! All I know is he better spend that extra savings on his lovely wife who road all over town test driving cars tonight with him. Although he has already done alot of research and knew he wanted the Passat, he followed through and test drove them all and worked out a great deal.

So now that it is past my bedtime - I think I am going to call it a night. 


  1. OOOO this is SO pretty!!! a HAWT red!!! =D

  2. Love this color.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Finally! Someone who is not anti-OPI in all this drama.

    Honestly, after seeing the court documents on the OPI vs. Transdesign case, I could see why OPI is pursuing the case. Quality control is of utmost importance to a company that big so they couldn't just turn the other way.

    Great mani, btw!

  4. Shortandsweetnails - thanks. I think it is just my allergies - at least that is what I am hoping anyway. Let's see if I can get rid of this in the next day or so.

    bellebathandbeyond - thanks for the back up. I thought my comments would cause an uproar.

  5. This looks great against your skintone :D