Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Retrospective on My Nails

As you all know I have a passion for doing my nails. When I look back over the last several years I am amazed at the changes I have made. I have always excelled at doing acrylics or gels. I would do all kinds of designs. I would only consider painting my entire nails with a polish when I was tired. Most of the time I had some type of design going on. Whether it was a funky french, painted designs, embedded flowers, ruffian, moon name it, I did it. Then when we moved to FL I decided I was over it all. It just all seemed like too much work. I debated on starting to go back to a salon and having them do my nails for me. But the reason I didn't go to salons to begin with is because they ruined my nails. I could never seem to find a well educated nail tech.  All that filing led to paper thin nails and getting a fill was painful from all the filing. At one point I woke up and realized they were damaging my nails and I just started doing my own nails. I realized that my nails were not being damaged when I did them myself. There was no pain and they looked a lot better. So after years (15+ years) of some type of enhancement I decided to quit wearing them. 

I stocked up on some restoring and strengthening products and I cut my nails down super short and went from there. Within weeks I had long and strong nails. Overall within 3 months my nails were so strong and I was so careful that I had some dagger length nails. At one point I was wondering how long I was going to let them get. I eventually broke one and cut them all. At first the thought of growing my nails long seemed to be the only goal - so I kept growing them long and then when one would break I would cut them all and start over. Well in recent months I have been swatching a lot and not being as careful and attentive as I used to be, so now I notice I have breaks more often. I also don't really want them long anymore, except when I miss doing some funky designs that I feel look best on longer nails. I think I found my current length suits me best 99% of the time. It works with my lifestyle and they are easy to maintain. But part of me wants to have more fun with my nails and think that they should be a bit longer for that. I want to start wearing the funky frenches again and the ruffian and the half moon manicure.

So I decided to go to all you for your opinions. Which length do you think is best for me? Do you agree that my current length suits me better?

Here is how long they used to be when I first stopped wearing enhancements:
This is RBL Stormy. I look at this and wonder if I can even get them this long again. I can't believe my nails were this long before!

And my nails today:

Wearing Color Club Special Effects. This is about as short as I am willing to go - but it seems to be a good everyday length for me. 

Or should I go for an in between length? Hmm, I actually think I like this length best now that I am looking at the pictures.

I'm wearing MAC Blue India here. 

So which length is your favorite? 


  1. The long nails are gorgeous, but sometimes not all that easy to work with. As an "everyday" length, I like the ones in Blue India.

  2. Without a doubt, the "in between" length! Love it! .D

  3. I personally prefer shorter nails...I find they are just so much more practical and they break far less and you get fewer chips. That is just my personal preference though as I have very peely nails that look terrible if they get too long.
    So my verdict is short - less maintenance! (however your nails look fab at all 3 lengths")

  4. I like all the lengths but as mentioned by Megan, for an everyday length I'd definitly go for the Blue India. Great colours you're showing btw :)

  5. All of them look great, so my vote goes to the length that suits your lifestyle! :)

  6. i vote for the blue india nails! i used to try to file my nails in the shape you are wearing, squoval, but they keep breaking, so now my nails are more rounded on the sides and they don't break anymore

  7. I like the red length the best. -Jen

  8. I vote for "in between" too! BTW that MAC Blue is really beautiful...

  9. I like the middle length, they're still long enough for doing mani's and I think polish always looks the best on nails that aren't square and aren't huge. This is the same length as I have and my nails have also been longer, but they keep breaking and I faled them shorter and I just started using other strengthers, maybe this will help.

    so to cut this short: (haha goes well with the object :P) the in between is beautiful!

    (my give away:


  10. Personally, I prefer short nails on everyone. I think they look better.

  11. I lile them short the best