Saturday, May 15, 2010

Running Late

I am running so behind schedule right now. I woke up early to get some swatching done before the day begins, but it took me a little longer than I expected. I told my daughters that we would head to the mall around 11:30 and I haven't even hit the shower yet and it is 11:15 here now. Yikes! So by now you all know Juan got us on Cape Canaveral yesterday for the launch, and it was pretty amazing. I wanted to share a few pictures that came out better than the phone pictures I showed you yesterday. Then I'll post my NOTD photo. 
We live on what is called the Space Coast. It is a small barrier island connected to mainland Florida by several bridges. There are rivers running through the "islands" as well. Here we are on Cape Canaveral looking at the crowd across the river who all have gathered to watch the launch. They are off one of the causeways here. This is as close as you can get to watch the launch without being on the base. This is as close as we can normally get. But Juan's unit was able to get access for this launch - which was awesome for us.  Anyway in this picture you can see a manatee swimming in the river. There actually were several swimming there, but this one was surfacing while he was taking the picture.
This is a gator that was chillin in the water nearby! Yikes! Can you see his eye? Thank goodness he stayed in the water!
This was our view of the launch. We were on a small strip of land between the two rivers. You can't see it from this picture but on the other side of the shuttle is the ocean.
Here is a close up of the shuttle getting ready to take off.
A better photo of the launch
An awesome closeup 
Juan and me after the launch

Now what polish would go with all this? I was tossed up for this one - but I decided on Color Club Worth the Risque - since it has the "futuristic" silver metallic look that reminds me of what I thought we would all be wearing in the future when I was a kid. Little did I imagine we would be wearing it - but just on our nails! This is mildly holographic. This is in full sunlight and you can see how little holo the effects are.

It's a pretty cool polish - but after discovering some pretty great holo polishes, this one is definitely the lightest I have experienced. Still cool though. 

OK I better go eat lunch and shower and get these kids to the mall before I run further behind on my day. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Nails are pretty, but I'm a geek at heart so the shuttle pics are what brought me here today. :)
    Thanks for sharing them! You are soooo lucky to have been there! Did you read that, depending on where you are this weekend, you might see the space station AND the shuttle near the Moon and Venus in the night sky? I think it's going to be more like the wee hours though.
    Once in a while we get to watch rockets launch from Vandenberg...well, we don't go see them, but we do get to see them tearing up the sky!
    You two are adorable. That's a frameable shot too. Looks like you had a great day, what a special place you live in. Have another great day at the mall with the kidlets. :)

  2. Elizabeth - My husband is a space geek(that is what we lovingly refer to him as) and that is what he does for a living, so anytime you can see the space station he will try and drag us all outside! Once when we lived in CO he begged me to go outside to see the space station and when we did there was a huge mountain lion outside out door. He doesn't beg anymore! HA! You live near Vandenburg? Yup I knew they launched satellites and rockets from there. That is one of the bases we could end up at and have never been. What a small world - even here in blog world!