Sunday, May 16, 2010

So Much for Chillin'

So my plan for this weekend was to relax. But so far that hasn't happened. We have so many upcoming events between graduations (One from 6th grade and the other from 8th), my brother's wedding in July, and just plain ol' parties, that we had some major shopping to do for clothes for the family. I'm surprised Juan didn't have a heart attack when he calculated how much we spent. It was so funny to watch my super cheap husband go out shopping with us - but since he is the main one who needed new clothes - he had no choice but to go. So Friday night was spent taking care of most of that stuff, then Saturday I promised the girls I would take them to the mall. That was more so they could jump on this bouncy thing they love than it was for shopping - we already did enough damage for a week. We have no idea what this bouncy, jumpy thing is called, so we just call it "the jumpy thing". Then Juan and I both had parties to go to last night. Me, to a friends birthday dinner and him to a going away party in downtown. Of course I won - we went to my friends dinner and then we met up with a few of his friends for a drink and then I came home and he went downtown. Such a party pooper I am. But I am glad I came home, since for my old ass it was already late (about midnight) and he ended up getting home around 3am. No thank you! I am passed those years of my life where I stay out all night. 

Here are phone pictures I took of the girls on "The Jumpy Thing". Anyone know it's real name?

I must admit though all in all even though no relaxing happened - it has been a great weekend. Spent time with the family, spent time with friends. Really does it get better? I still would like to relax some if I can though. So today after cleaning the house, doing some laundry and yard work, I am going to chill! I mean it! I am just going to relax. Maybe I should do that first - go to the beach with a book for an hour or so and then come home and get back to reality. How about you? How has your weekend been so far? Any fun plans for today?

Anyhow, I had recently ordered some polishes and they arrived last week. I couldn't wait to swatch a lot of these and yesterday morning I was finally able to swatch a few. Here is one that I loved, yet I don't know if it goes with my skin tone. But I love it anyway. It is China Glaze GR8. This is a yellow/gold holographic polish. The sun kept playing a game of hide and seek with me when I was trying to get these pictures. But I managed to get a few good ones.


What can I say? This polish really is GR8! So gr8 I posted an extra picture! What do you think?

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  1. I have no idea what that thing is called. Ask the person taking your money next time you go? I'd go with jumpy thing too. :)
    Sounds like a busy but fun weekend. Hope you get to chill today. I'll be doing laundry too!
    GR8 is a pretty holo and I love the pinky nail in the first shot.