Thursday, May 6, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday was a much better day. I completely forgot it was Cinco de Mayo and that I made plans for the evening to meet up with a group of ladies for Margaritas. I wasn't feeling to good with the sore throat and all cause I am such a baby - but I decided to make myself go. I figure it is just allergies and I have to get over it somehow right? We had such a great time last night - it was completely worth going. 

Now it is already Thursday and maybe I can chill and relax tonight? Hmm let's see if that happens.

For today I wanted to show you all the last China Glaze I received for review. This is from last summer's collection. It is Watermelon Rind. I passed on this last year because I wasn't really into blue or green polishes then and it just didn't look like something I wanted. I remember over on MUA that everyone was dying for this color, but I actually passed on the entire collection. I think I must have been the only one. Needless to say when it arrived I immediately thought this one would go to the give-away bin, since now I have several blues and greens, but my daughter fell in love with it, so we decided to try it out. I am so glad I did! 

This color took two coats and has some subtle blue shimmer throughout the polish. I was loving the subtle green and blue shimmer throughout this polish. But again I decided I needed to use Matte Magic over it. 

LOVE! O M G! This is to die for! I love this look matte! It looks like a totally different polish! What do you think? Do you like it better in the original formula or the matte version?


  1. I am anti-matte in the extreme.
    But WR is a classic. A must-have. I love mine. Such an easy polish to work with too.

  2. I like it both ways. I need to review that one as well...gotta lotta blog posting to catch up on. :)

  3. I really like the matte version! I've seen normal WR a lot but this is cool!

  4. Hilarious!

    I just posted my swatch of this yesterday and I know EXACTLY what you mean, I passed on this several times, and finally got it and I am so kicking myself for not getting it earlier, a real stunner!

  5. It's beautiful...With Matte coat it seems more a suede polish, really gorgeous (another one I must add to my wish list)
    your post made me think about the song...and a really funny episode of "Scrubs" ;-)

  6. Jaljen - I too was anti matte, but I broke down a long time ago and the more time that passes - the more I like it. By the time I love love love it - it will be out of style! HA!

    Elizabeth - catch up girl! What are you waiting on some RBL's in the mail or something? :)

    Rebecca - I agree!

    Jackie - LOVE your blog name! Why didn't I think of that? Why the heck were you not on my blogroll? I am loving your blog - adding you next.

    smALtY - OK which scrubs episode? I love that show - but I don't get to catch it all the time.

  7. i adore both...they're sooo pretty!