Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another Outfit of the Day

A group of us went out this weekend to watch Sex and the City 2 followed by martini's. So of course I had to do an outfit of the day for this one. I did feel a bit awkward walking into the movies looking like this, so I kept the accessories toned down. But imagine seeing a group of girls dressed like this hitting the movies? Even I would have stared.

I got this black Romper at Marshall's for $20. I cropped myself out of a group shot so you can see a close up of the top of it. (Standing in front of the mirror at the Martini bar makes it look like I am wearing a graduation cap! HA!) I grabbed the belt at Marshall's on the same day for $10. The wedge sandals are the ones I showed you a few weeks ago from Charlotte Russe and the earrings I forgot to get a close up of so I had to crop another group shot. They are 3 white crystal stones suspended between hanging silver  strands. I really love these earrings. I've had them for years and have no idea where I got them. Oh and the sunburn - courtesy of my lack of re-applying sunblock at the beach that afternoon. I am so mad at myself for that. The time just slipped by us and I forgot to re-apply. I need to set the alarm on my phone next time. I don't want to wrinkle young and I certainly don't want to risk skin cancer. Bad! Bad! Bad! 

For my nails I started with Milani in My Network which I showed here. Then I added Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Diamond on top. It was PERFECT! I loved it! It made the perfect manicure for the evening! What a great combo! Too bad you can't see the holographic effects of this at night - but it looked amazing on Sunday at the pool. (Yup still went out in the sun after getting that burn - More sunblock and stayed under the umbrella this time.)



  1. awesome mani to go with an awesome outfit!

  2. Cute outfit. Love the nails! Ouch on the burn :(

  3. Great nails. Great look.

    But everyone in the UK goes round looking like that. It's fairly standard casual daywear. Why did you feel awkward?

  4. The outfit is cute!! Why would people stare when you went in the theater? Love the nails!

  5. Oh, you look hot in that outfit, but totally appropriate for a movie like SATC. And I love those earrings too. :)

  6. Jaljen - here people hang out in jeans & t-shirts. I need to move to the UK - I love dressing like this!
    Megan - we live in a beach community - it's definitely not dressy at all. very casual. This is dressy for where we live. But I always dress up anyway.