Friday, June 25, 2010

Best Excuses for Calling in Sick to Work

I have been in either a management position or human resource position for several years now and I have heard my share of stories for why people call in sick. It never ceases to amaze me. Did you know you don't need to give any more details other than, I will not be in today? I mean it would be nice if you didn't just leave that for a message, perhaps say, I am not feeling well or there was an emergency. But the rest of the story, no one needs it. But people really do like to give the whole story. The more story they give, the more BS it usually is too. Here are my top 10 favorites:

I can't make it in to work today because...

10. I went away for the weekend and decided to stay one more day.
  9. It snowed last night and now my car is stuck in the garage because my garage door is frozen shut.
  8. Two weeks later this individual had the nerve to call in again but this time she said she left her car outside so she wouldn't get stuck home, but now the front door to the house was frozen shut! She must have lived in an igloo!
  7. I got arrested last night for drinking and driving and I am still in jail. (This was true - but why would you ever admit to this? Why not just say, I don't feel good?)
  6. I am still drunk, so I can't drive. (Not the same individual by the way)
  5. I had a co-worker once call in sick. He was good, he didn't leave any other details. The problem was it was New Years Eve and he was shown on the 6 o'clock news getting a breathalizer. Oops! (again not the same person as 7 or 6!)
  4. I have a job interview for a better job. SERIOUSLY? They didn't get the job, but they didn't last where I worked much longer either.
  3. I ran into an employee once the day after Thanksgiving at the mall. I was actually meeting the employee's boss at the mall (we had taken a planned vacation day to do some Black Friday shopping). When the boss arrived I told her I ran into her employee. Turns out the employee called in sick with food poisoning that morning! Uh oh!
 2. I just need a mental health day. (This is one of my favorites! This was also given by a co-worker. To this day I wish I had the nerve to call in sick and use this as my excuse! Because honestly - who doesn't just need one of these every once in a while. But I usually just call these days VACATION and plan for them)
Number 1 is my all time favorite as of right now. I chuckle every time I think about it. It was on a Friday.
 1. I can't come in today, because I am going to be sick this afternoon! Who knew we had a psychic working for us?! What amazing planning!

For today's NOTD I chose to show S-he #387. This is a bright coral pink creme. These polishes applied great in two coats. This is a great summer color. As soon as I received this one, I immediately put it on my toes. Unfortunately it chipped within a week! I can't imagine how fast it would chip on my hands if on my toes it chips that fast! Still a beautiful color though.


  1. fun color!

    my job is sooooo over that. i work in a call center and i guess they were just sick of excuses. we don't have sick days. we have Unexplained Absence. Much better you never have to make up anything!

  2. *lol* Are people really saying things like that?

  3. @jbrobeckThat would be much easier. I think most companies are going to that because of HIPPAA. It is suppose to protect your privacy if you don't have to explain your illness.

  4. @BibaYou wouldn't believe some of the stuff I have seen and heard! People never cease to amaze me!

  5. Very beautiful coral :) Can you tell me where I can get some of these?

  6. BWHAAAA!!!! I so feel your pain on that!! I was a dept head exec secretary (when I was working - cant tell you why i'm not anymore - HIPPAA and all!!) Anywho - I had 60 employees to be accountable for myself, but mine was the complete opposite - they had to explain their overtime to me or 'off site' expenses!! Now THAT was interesing!! Oh the good ol' Federal Govt!! You should call in and tell them you can't come in today because you broke a nail!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! :-)

  7. I like these insights, it just goes to show, honesty is the best policy!

    Also love the nail polish.

  8. Lol @ all those excuses! Some people.. *sigh*

    The S-he polish looks cute :)

  9. Great color!! I don't understand people sometimes. At least those people called in and didn't just NOT show up! *sigh* Some people's kids! LOL

  10. I lol'd a quite a few of these. Nail color is pretty!