Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Les Contrastes de Chanel Fall 2010 Polishes & My Franken

I am apparently a little behind the curve with this one. Chanel has announced it's Fall 2010 collection. Of course I am mainly interested in the polish. So I figured that is what I would show you.

The polish colors for this collection are Jade Rose (Light peach) and Paradox(Greyed purple). I have been wanting a greyed purple for some time. I made a franken of one and thought I showed it here, but after doing a search I realize I haven't. I mixed Ulta Devious (or maybe it was Celebutante - I can't remember now. Looks like Devious to me) with a medium grey polish.

 But I wanted something darker. I intended on mixing a darker grey and adding a bit of a darker purple, but I just never got around to it. I have even looked for the color I imagined in my head, and still have not found what I am thinking of. Rescue Beauty Lounge posted on her Facebook asking what polish people would create and I said a dark purple grey. I was just hoping somehow my idea would somehow make it to her polish line. 

Now it appears that Chanel has read my mind and is trying to make it happen. Paradox is already being described as what will be the "it" color for the fall. From the look at the bottle, I am not to excited - but looking at the polish on the model - it seems to be exactly what I am looking for. Why it looks so drastically different on the model vs. the hand, makes me wonder which is real and which is photoshopped (my luck and the odds are that it is the model's hands). I have such high hopes for this polish. I am hoping this is the grey purple I have been looking for. Of course that means that cheaper alternatives will be just around the corner too. Which is a plus since spending $25 for a bottle of polish is hard to justify. But still, I can't wait! 

Jade Rose                                      Paradox

*On a side note - I got my mani and pedi last night. I got a minx/shellac mix pedi. (minx on my big toe and shellac on the others) and a shellac mani. If you follow me on twitter, I posted a sneak peek of the pedi last night. By the time I got home last night it was almost 11pm, so I haven't downloaded the pictures yet. I will post my review and pictures tomorrow. 


  1. Oh, that Chanel grey purple is so pretty!! It's almost more grey than purple and I think that's what makes it so pretty. I like your franken, too. Can't wait to see pics of the mani/pedi.

  2. I agree, the bottle shot is not that thrilling, but the color on her hands is hot!

    Do they have a release date?

  3. i am so with you on that shot of the model. have been buying polish that looks like the bottle pic only to be disappointed for years! *fingers crossed*

    can't wait for your shellac review!

  4. @Jackie S.No actual date from what I can find. Some releases say July others say August. I'm keeping my eyes out though.

  5. I just got it at Nordstroms today... it's so pretty!! in LOVE!