Monday, June 14, 2010

Grey(ish) Comparison

One of the polishes I received from Konadomania was S-he 466. This is a dark grey with gold shimmer going through it. Once I had it on, it instantly reminded me of Ginger & Liz Tough Luxe and Hard Candy Mr. Wrong. I wondered if they were truly close or if it was just my memory, so I decided to do a comparison.

Bottle Pictures L to R: S-he 466, Ginger & Liz Tough Luxe & Hard Candy Mr. Wrong

Here is S-he 466
Even though I thought this was similar to the other two polishes, I immediately fell in love with it. Something about the grey polish with gold shimmer. These two colors shouldn't go together the way that they do, but it makes for a striking combination. I was immediately mesmerized by this color. The shimmer really stood out. This was what I so wanted Tough Luxe to be, yet I remember thinking it was a great color, just not so stunning. This applied completely opaque in two coats. 

This is Ginger & Liz Tough Luxe
Now you are probably looking at Ginger & Liz Tough Luxe and thinking, that this is in fact stunning. You're right, my memory served me incorrectly I guess. Maybe because the shimmer seems so mixed in with the color in Tough Luxe, where in 466 it seems the shimmer is coming from within the grey. This is a great color - but I think I like 466 better. I guess it just depends on what you are looking for I guess. Tough Luxe was also easy to apply and completely opaque in two coats.

Now here is Hard Candy Mr. Wrong
I hadn't tried Mr. Wrong prior to doing this comparison. I had bought it a while back and I have seen some pretty amazing swatches of this color, I just haven't felt the desire to put it on. This one definitely looked more purple than grey to me in the bottle, but it seemed to have a bit of that grey look with some gold flash, so I wanted to see how it compared. This one is totally different than the other two. To me this polish was a bit runny and extremely sheer. I had to apply 5 coats just to get it this dark. This one also seems to have blue shimmer as well as the gold shimmer. This is as gorgeous in person as it is in pictures. I couldn't quite capture how stunningly shimmery this one was. 

Of course I had to do a side by side comparison as well.
L to R: Hard Candy Mr. Wrong, Ginger & Liz Tough Luxe and S-he 466. You can see just how different Mr. Wrong is from the other two. It isn't even in the same league as the other two. It is a stunning shimmery purple/grey color. There is no comparison here. However you can see how close Tough Luxe and 466 are. You can clearly see that Tough Luxe has the shimmer throughout the polish and it is very heavy, while 466 looks more like a shimmer from within the polish vs. mixed in with the polish. Excuse my cuticles, swatching just kills them. When I am done swatching I have to give them a great moisture treatment to bring them back. I think I had just swatched something like 19 colors and then went straight to this comparison. 

I like all the polishes, but if I had to choose just one, I would go for the S-he 466 over the Ginger & Liz Tough Luxe. I don't think I could even put Mr. Wrong in the same selection. That is a must have on it's own. How about you, which one would you get if you could only get one?


  1. OMG S-he 466 is amazing!!!! I'm drooling. LOL

  2. They are all pretty .. but I may have to go with Mr. Wrong! :)

  3. I think Mr Wrong and S-he 466 are pretty similar, but it seems that Mr Wrong has both gold and silver shimmer. Am I right? Of the two, I like S-he 466 better. Both pretty in their own right.

  4. I'm not counting Mr Wrong. I can't choose between the others because in one pic I perfer the S-he and in another I prefer the Ginge.
    Too tough.

  5. Wow! Where can I get the S-he polish from? Is it from overseas? Sooooo beautiful!!!