Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My S-he Manicure

I can't wait to finally get my Shellac Pedicure tonight! For sure I will be taking some pictures for you guys! The cool thing is I just looked through my swatch pictures and I have 15 photos of different colors. So if I decide to go with a Shellac mani, I have enough in between swatches to show you a color a day while I test out CND Shellac. Pretty cool. I was actually planning on posting 3 different S-he colors today, but since I may add in the Shellac Mani if the nail tech has time, I am going to hold off and just show one. Wait until you see this color!

This is S-he 384. This is a deep purple color with blue shimmer shining through. I was so impressed with this color. 

This applied smoothly in two coats. This was fairly easy to apply and the color was just amazing! In the close up of the color though I notice the begins of bubbling. I didn't do more than swatching, so I wonder if I just applied to thickly or if this polish would end up bubbling. That would suck since this was a pretty amazing color otherwise. 


  1. Pretty!! I love colors that have depth.

  2. Such pretty purple pizzaz!! I love purples like this!! Great mani!