Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Poll - Minx Mani or Shellac Pedi?

I am putting a poll on my blog. Help me decide - should I get a Minx Mani for my Girl's Night Out for Martini's & SATC2 this week or should I get a Shellac Pedi so I don't have to worry about my feet for a while?

I found a salon nearby that offers both services! YAY! It's called Kai's Kottage and it is in Tittusville, FL. (In case any of you are wondering).

And yes as long as the salon let's me, I'll post some pictures of me getting the service and the end result!

So which will you pick for me?

Edited to add:
I received this email from Jessica at SocialBuy.com. This is for you SoCal ladies! Boy don't I wish I was there right now! If you live nearby - then maybe you should get a minx mani!

Hey R3-
I saw you blogged about MINX nails. I wanted to let you know about a deal available for your readers in SoCal: right now, SocialBuy.com is offering MINX manicures or pedicures for $42 from Platinum Image Services in WeHo (http://www.socialbuy.com/los-angeles/area/la-metro/deals/platinum-image-minx). I don't know if you live in Cali, but if you do you should definitely get this deal for your martinis/Sex & the City outing ;)
SocialBuy is also doing a Twitter contest where people can RT and win a MINX voucher for free: http://www.socialbuy.com/blog/2010/06/01/twitter-contest-minx-manicure-or-pedicure/
The deal is available until midnight tomorrow. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!
Keep up the great work!


  1. I voted for the Pedi.. but would you describe both services, pretty please? Thanks!!!


  2. I've heard that the Minx doesn't last very long at all, so, personally, I'd go for the Shellac.

  3. i have been wanting a shellac pedi, so you know my vote!

  4. Leslie - The Minx Mani is a metallic looking mani. Think Lady Gaga or Beyonce. It is a bit expensive and only lasts a week at most. Shellac is a new polish hybrid that can be done at salons only and it lasts for 14+ days. You can get either as a mani or pedi. But I always change my mani's and hardly ever my pedi's.

    Want to go with and take my pics? Are you going to the SATC2 night?

  5. I'm excited to see either. Maybe Shellac because I've never heard of it other than a household type paint.

  6. Ah, thanks for the explanation - my vote is still definitely the pedi then! AND yes, I would love to go with you and take your pics!!!

  7. I voted for the Mani. Shellac pedis last 14 days, but most pedicures last that long anyway, so minx mani all the way!

  8. I've been hearing a lot of good things about the OPI gels, so it will be nice to learn more about the CND Shellacs. Thanks for letting us have a go at choosing for you.

  9. How about a Minx Pedicure. Minx lasts for 6 weeks on toes and the crazy designs look way hot for summer. Shellac looks like high shine nail polish at its best so why bother. Also SATC2 is totally jam packed with Minx. Shellac although nice and easy to apply etc is just not cool enough at all for SATC2.. I know I'm an educator for both.,

    Sydney. xx